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Assistant Professor. Zaher Mundher Yaseen "highly cited researcher in Clarivate"
Assistant Professor. Zaher Mundher Yaseen "highly cited researcher in Clarivate"
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Trích dẫn bởi
An enhanced extreme learning machine model for river flow forecasting: State-of-the-art, practical applications in water resource engineering area and future research direction
ZM Yaseen, SO Sulaiman, RC Deo, KW Chau
Journal of Hydrology 569, 387-408, 2019
Artificial intelligence based models for stream-flow forecasting: 2000–2015
ZM Yaseen, A El-Shafie, O Jaafar, HA Afan, KN Sayl
Journal of Hydrology 530, 829-844, 2015
A survey on river water quality modelling using artificial intelligence models: 2000–2020
TM Tung, ZM Yaseen
Journal of Hydrology 585, 124670, 2020
Predicting compressive strength of lightweight foamed concrete using extreme learning machine model
ZM Yaseen, RC Deo, A Hilal, AM Abd, LC Bueno, S Salcedo-Sanz, ...
Advances in Engineering Software 115, 112-125, 2018
Stream-flow forecasting using extreme learning machines: a case study in a semi-arid region in Iraq
ZM Yaseen, O Jaafar, RC Deo, O Kisi, J Adamowski, J Quilty, A El-Shafie
Journal of Hydrology 542, 603-614, 2016
Application of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in water quality index prediction: a case study in tropical region, Malaysia
M Hameed, SS Sharqi, ZM Yaseen, HA Afan, A Hussain, A Elshafie
Neural Computing and Applications 28 (1), 893-905, 2017
Novel approach for streamflow forecasting using a hybrid ANFIS-FFA model
ZM Yaseen, I Ebtehaj, H Bonakdari, RC Deo, AD Mehr, WHMW Mohtar, ...
Journal of Hydrology 554, 263-276, 2017
River water quality index prediction and uncertainty analysis: A comparative study of machine learning models
SBHS Asadollah, A Sharafati, D Motta, ZM Yaseen
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 (1), 104599, 2021
An insight into machine learning models era in simulating soil, water bodies and adsorption heavy metals: Review, challenges and solutions
ZM Yaseen
Chemosphere, 130126, 2021
ANN based sediment prediction model utilizing different input scenarios
HA Afan, A El-Shafie, ZM Yaseen, MM Hameed, WHMW Mohtar, ...
Water resources management 29 (4), 1231-1245, 2015
Pan evaporation prediction using a hybrid multilayer perceptron-firefly algorithm (MLP-FFA) model: case study in North Iran
MA Ghorbani, RC Deo, ZM Yaseen, MH Kashani, B Mohammadi
Theoretical and applied climatology 133 (3), 1119-1131, 2018
Reference evapotranspiration prediction using hybridized fuzzy model with firefly algorithm: Regional case study in Burkina Faso
H Tao, L Diop, A Bodian, K Djaman, PM Ndiaye, ZM Yaseen
Agricultural water management 208, 140-151, 2018
Groundwater Level Prediction using Machine Learning Models: A Comprehensive Review
H Tao, MM Hameed, HA Marhoon, M Zounemat-Kermani, H Salim, ...
Neurocomputing, 2022
Zwitterion composite chitosan-epichlorohydrin/zeolite for adsorption of methylene blue and reactive red 120 dyes
AH Jawad, AS Abdulhameed, A Reghioua, ZM Yaseen
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 163, 756-765, 2020
Statistical modeling and mechanistic pathway for methylene blue dye removal by high surface area and mesoporous grass-based activated carbon using K2CO3 activator
AS Abdulhameed, NNMF Hum, S Rangabhashiyam, AH Jawad, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 (4), 105530, 2021
Complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition hybridized with random forest and kernel ridge regression model for monthly rainfall forecasts
M Ali, R Prasad, Y Xiang, ZM Yaseen
Journal of Hydrology 584, 124647, 2020
Development of artificial intelligence for modeling wastewater heavy metal removal: State of the art, application assessment and possible future research
SK Bhagat, TM Tung, ZM Yaseen
Journal of Cleaner Production 250, 119473, 2020
Precipitation projection using a CMIP5 GCM ensemble model: a regional investigation of Syria
R Homsi, MS Shiru, S Shahid, T Ismail, SB Harun, N Al-Ansari, KW Chau, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 14 (1), 90-106, 2020
Quantifying hourly suspended sediment load using data mining models: case study of a glacierized Andean catchment in Chile
K Khosravi, L Mao, O Kisi, ZM Yaseen, S Shahid
Journal of Hydrology 567, 165-179, 2018
Genetic programming in water resources engineering: A state-of-the-art review
AD Mehr, V Nourani, E Kahya, B Hrnjica, AMA Sattar, ZM Yaseen
Journal of hydrology 566, 643-667, 2018
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