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Lourdin Denis
Lourdin Denis
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Trích dẫn bởi
Influence of equilibrium relative humidity and plasticizer concentration on the water content and glass transition of starch materials
D Lourdin, L Coignard, H Bizot, P Colonna
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Influence of amylose content on starch films and foams
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“Antiplasticization” in starch‐glycerol films?
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Contribution of major ingredients during baking of biscuit dough systems
S Chevallier, P Colonna, G Della Valle, D Lourdin
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Plasticisation and mobility in starch-sorbitol films
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Antiplasticisation and oxygen permeability of starch–sorbitol films
S Gaudin, D Lourdin, PM Forssell, P Colonna
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A Sankri, A Arhaliass, I Dez, AC Gaumont, Y Grohens, D Lourdin, I Pillin, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 82 (2), 256-263, 2010
Film-forming properties of a modified starch/κ-carrageenan mixture in relation to its rheological behaviour
D Lafargue, D Lourdin, JL Doublier
Carbohydrate Polymers 70 (1), 101-111, 2007
Structure and mechanical behaviour of corn flour and starch–zein based materials in the glassy state
H Chanvrier, P Colonna, G Della Valle, D Lourdin
Carbohydrate Polymers 59 (1), 109-119, 2005
X-ray tomography study of the cellular structure of extruded starches and its relations with expansion phenomenon and foam mechanical properties
P Babin, G Della Valle, R Dendievel, D Lourdin, L Salvo
Carbohydrate polymers 68 (2), 329-340, 2007
Compatibilization of starch–zein melt processed blends by an ionic liquid used as plasticizer
E Leroy, P Jacquet, G Coativy, A laure Reguerre, D Lourdin
Carbohydrate Polymers 89 (3), 955-963, 2012
Deep eutectic solvents as functional additives for starch based plastics
E Leroy, P Decaen, P Jacquet, G Coativy, B Pontoire, AL Reguerre, ...
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Material extrusion of plant biopolymers: Opportunities & challenges for 3D printing
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Relationships between texture, mechanical properties and structure of cornflakes
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Mechanical modelling of cereal solid foods
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Trends in Food Science & Technology 22 (4), 142-153, 2011
Study of plasticizer–oligomer and plasticizer–polymer interactions by dielectric analysis: Maltose–glycerol and amylose–glycerol–water systems
D Lourdin, SG Ring, P Colonna
Carbohydrate research 306 (4), 551-558, 1998
Plant-crafted starches for bioplastics production
D Sagnelli, KH Hebelstrup, E Leroy, A Rolland-Sabaté, S Guilois, ...
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Lignin incorporation combined with electron-beam irradiation improves the surface water resistance of starch films
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Preparation and properties of thermally moulded and cast lignosulfonates-starch blends
S Baumberger, C Lapierre, B Monties, D Lourdin, P Colonna
Industrial Crops and Products 6 (3-4), 253-258, 1997
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