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Rajkishore Patel
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Removal of lead and zinc ions from water by low cost adsorbents
PC Mishra, RK Patel
Journal of hazardous materials 168 (1), 319-325, 2009
Evaluation of removal efficiency of fluoride from aqueous solution using quick lime
M Islam, RK Patel
Journal of Hazardous Materials 143 (1-2), 303-310, 2007
Adsorption of methylene blue on chemically modified lychee seed biochar: Dynamic, equilibrium, and thermodynamic study
S Sahu, S Pahi, S Tripathy, SK Singh, A Behera, UK Sahu, RK Patel
Journal of Molecular Liquids 315, 113743, 2020
Adsorption studies of arsenic (III) removal from water by zirconium polyacrylamide hybrid material (ZrPACM-43)
S Mandal, MK Sahu, RK Patel
Water resources and industry 4, 51-67, 2013
Removal of Cr (VI) from aqueous solution by Eichhornia crassipes root biomass-derived activated carbon
AK Giri, R Patel, S Mandal
Chemical Engineering Journal 185, 71-81, 2012
Study of the pollution load in the drinking water of Rairangpur, a small tribal dominated town of North Orissa
PC Mishra, RK Patel
Indian J Environ Ecoplan 5 (2), 293-298, 2001
Neutralization of red mud using CO2 sequestration cycle
RC Sahu, RK Patel, BC Ray
Journal of hazardous materials 179 (1-3), 28-34, 2010
Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of Zn/Al chloride layered double hydroxide and evaluation of its nitrate removal efficiency
M Islam, R Patel
Desalination 256 (1-3), 120-128, 2010
Artificial neural network (ANN) approach for modelling of arsenic (III) biosorption from aqueous solution by living cells of Bacillus cereus biomass
AK Giri, RK Patel, SS Mahapatra
Chemical Engineering Journal 178, 15-25, 2011
Use of agricultural waste for the removal of nitrate-nitrogen from aqueous medium
PC Mishra, RK Patel
Journal of environmental management 90 (1), 519-522, 2009
Nitrate sorption by thermally activated Mg/Al chloride hydrotalcite-like compound
M Islam, R Patel
Journal of hazardous materials 169 (1-3), 524-531, 2009
Physicochemical characterization of hydroxyapatite and its application towards removal of nitrate from water
M Islam, PC Mishra, R Patel
Journal of environmental management 91 (9), 1883-1891, 2010
Thermal activation of basic oxygen furnace slag and evaluation of its fluoride removal efficiency
M Islam, R Patel
Chemical engineering journal 169 (1-3), 68-77, 2011
Fluoride removal performance of a new hybrid sorbent of Zr (IV)–ethylenediamine
SK Swain, S Mishra, T Patnaik, RK Patel, U Jha, RK Dey
Chemical Engineering Journal 184, 72-81, 2012
Prediction of water quality using principal component analysis
SS Mahapatra, M Sahu, RK Patel, BN Panda
Water Quality, Exposure and Health 4 (2), 93-104, 2012
Kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamic aspects of removal of fluoride from drinking water using meso-structured zirconium phosphate
SK Swain, T Patnaik, VK Singh, U Jha, RK Patel, RK Dey
Chemical engineering journal 171 (3), 1218-1226, 2011
Removal of hydrogen sulfide using red mud at ambient conditions
RC Sahu, R Patel, BC Ray
Fuel processing technology 92 (8), 1587-1592, 2011
Synthesis of polypyrrole-modified layered double hydroxides for efficient removal of Cr (VI)
S Sahu, P Kar, N Bishoyi, L Mallik, RK Patel
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 64 (10), 4357-4368, 2019
Biosorption of arsenic (III) from aqueous solution by living cells of Bacillus cereus
AK Giri, RK Patel, SS Mahapatra, PC Mishra
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 20, 1281-1291, 2013
Adsorption of Zn (II) on activated red mud: Neutralized by CO2
RC Sahu, R Patel, BC Ray
Desalination 266 (1-3), 93-97, 2011
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