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Trích dẫn bởi
Optimal design of groundwater monitoring network using the combined Election-Kriging method
M Kavusi, A Khashei Siuki, M Dastourani
Water Resources Management 34, 2503-2516, 2020
Ranking and optimizing the rain-gauge networks using the entropy–copula approach (Case study of the Siminehrood Basin, Iran)
SM Tabatabaei, M Dastourani, S Eslamian, M Nazeri Tahroudi
Applied Water Science 12 (9), 214, 2022
Investigation of the efficiency of sewage treatment using activated sludge method to supply water for reuse in agricultural irrigation (case study: Kermanshah sewage treatment …
A Dindarlou, M Dastourani
Journal of Water and Sustainable Development 4 (2), 31-40, 2018
Toward coupling of groundwater drawdown and pumping time in a constant discharge
M Dastourani, M Nazeri Tahroudi
Applied Water Science 12 (4), 74, 2022
Effect of biochar application and water tensin levels on yield and yield components of medicinal plant (Trachyspermum ammi.)
A Khashei, A Shahidi, M Yaghoobzadeh, M Dastourani
Iranian Journal of Irrigation & Drainage 13 (2), 319-328, 2019
Quality assessment of groundwater in the plain of Sarayan using water quality index (WQI)
F Bahrami, M Dastourani
Iranian Journal of Irrigation & Drainage 13 (4), 1064-1074, 2019
Investigating the Effect of amendments of zeolite, superabsorbent polymer, and different amounts of irrigation on sesame yield
A Khashei Siuki, A Shahidi, M Dastourani, HR Fallahi, F Shirzadi
Journal of Water Research in Agriculture 34 (2), 243-255, 2020
Interaction of water salinity and different irrigation levels on physiological growth of olive (Olea europaea L.)
A Dindarlou, AA Ghaemi, A Shekafandeh Nobandegani, M Bahrami, ...
Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology 21 (6), 1623-1637, 2019
Comparing decision tree and instance-based learning models to estimate soil saturated hydraulic conductivity
M Farzadmehr, M Dastourani, A Khashei-Siuki
Journal of Water and Soil Conservation 25 (5), 167-184, 2018
Investigating the Efficiency of Empirical Relationships in Estimating Flood peak in desert areas of Central Iran
M Dastourani, M Hayatzadeh, A Fathzadeh, MA Hakimzadeh
Geography and Development Magazine 36, 145-160, 2014
Watershed management activities conducted to evaluate the effects on the flow regime of the river basin (Case study: Mondarejan Sub-basin)
M Eskandari, M Dastourani, A Fatahi, M Nasri
Second National Conference on Integrated Water Resource Management, Sari …, 2012
Influence of jet and half cylindrical roughness on hydraulic jump characteristics
B Eslammensh, M Dastourani, Y Ramezani
Iranian Journal of Irrigation & Drainage 15 (4), 842-853, 2021
Investigating the Effect of Combined Low Irrigation and Different Cultivation Litters on Morphological Specification of Chicory
F Shirzadi, M Dastourani, SA KHASHEI
Evaluation of Genetic and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms Based on Non-Dominating Sorting Approach for Multi Objective Optimization Operation of Reservoirs
I Shabani Bahluli, M Dastourani
Journal of Water and Soil Conservation 26 (5), 165-179, 2019
Technical evaluation sprinkler irrigation system implemented in some of the fields in Fars province
M Bahrami, F Khajeie, A Dindarlou, M Dastourani
Journal of Water and Soil Conservation 24 (1), 311-317, 2017
The impact of water jet angle on the characteristics of hydraulic jump
M Dastourani, K Esmaili, SR Khodashenas
Journal of Water and Soil Conservation 23 (3), 225-239, 2016
اثر زبري بستر بر مشخصات جهش هيدروليکي روي شيب معکوس
دستوراني مهدي, نصرآبادي محسن
مجله پژوهش آب ايران 5 (9), 91-100, 2012
Forecasting the risk of drought in Zabol synoptic station based on the output of CMIP6 climate models
M Forouzan Mehr, M Dastourani, M Yaghoobzadeh, S Hoseinabadi
Irrigation Sciences and Engineering 46 (3), 69-84, 2023
Effect of the Insertion Depth of the Shield on the Pipeline Scour at Different Distances of the Pipe from the Bed
M Nakhaee Sedghi, Y Ramezani, M Dastourani
Irrigation and Water Engineering 14 (1), 86-99, 2023
Evaluation of Benefit-Cost Analysis of South Khorasan Artificial Recharge Dams Based on Water Demand Scenarios
M Esmaeilpourmoghadam, H Khozeymehnezhad, N Niknia, M Dastourani
Water Harvesting Research 5 (2), 191-200, 2022
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