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Ismail Olumegbon
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On the assessment of specific heat capacity of nanofluids for solar energy applications: Application of Gaussian process regression (GPR) approach
AA Mehdi Jamei, Iman Ahmadianfar, Ismail Adewale Olumegbon, Masoud Karbasi
Journal of Energy Storage 33, 102067, 2020
On the specific heat capacity estimation of metal oxide-based nanofluid for energy perspective–A comprehensive assessment of data analysis techniques
M Jamei, I Ahmadianfar, IA Olumegbon, A Asadi, M Karbasi, Z Said, ...
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 123, 105217, 2021
On the thermal conductivity assessment of oil-based hybrid nanofluids using extended Kalman filter integrated with feed-forward neural network
M Jamei, IA Olumegbon, M Karbasi, I Ahmadianfar, A Asadi, ...
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 172, 121159, 2021
Specific heat capacity of molten salt-based nanofluids in solar thermal applications: A paradigm of two modern ensemble machine learning methods
M Jamei, M Karbasi, IA Olumegbon, M Mosharaf-Dehkordi, I Ahmadianfar, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 335, 116434, 2021
Estimating the density of hybrid nanofluids for thermal energy application: Application of non-parametric and evolutionary polynomial regression data-intelligent techniques
M Jamei, M Karbasi, M Mosharaf-Dehkordi, IA Olumegbon, L Abualigah, ...
Measurement 189, 110524, 2022
Lattice constant prediction of A2XY6 cubic crystals (A = K, Cs, Rb, TI; X = tetravalent cation; Y = F, Cl, Br, I) using computational intelligence approach
AB Ibrahim Olanrewaju Alade , Ismail Adewale Olumegbon
Journal of Applied Physics 127 (015303), 2020
Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopic evaluation of articular cartilage: A review of current and future trends
IA Olumegbon, A Oloyede, IO Afara
Applied Spectroscopy Reviews 52 (6), 541-559, 2017
Characterizing human subchondral bone properties using near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy
IO Afara, C Florea, IA Olumegbon, CT Eneh, MKH Malo, RK Korhonen, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 9733, 2018
Modelling the viscosity of carbon-based nanomaterials dispersed in diesel oil: a machine learning approach
IA Olumegbon, IO Alade, M Sahaluddin, MO Oyedeji, AU Sa’ad
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 145, 1769-1777, 2021
Development of machine learning models for the prediction of binary diffusion coefficients of gases
IA Olumegbon, IO Alade, MO Oyedeji, TF Qahtan, A Bagudu
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 123, 106279, 2023
Two dimensional J-matrix approach to quantum scattering
IA Olumegbon
PQDT-Global, 2013
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