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Ahmed El-Shafie
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Artificial intelligence based models for stream-flow forecasting: 2000–2015
ZM Yaseen, A El-Shafie, O Jaafar, HA Afan, KN Sayl
Journal of Hydrology 530, 829-844, 2015
Performance enhancement of MEMS-based INS/GPS integration for low-cost navigation applications
A Noureldin, TB Karamat, MD Eberts, A El-Shafie
IEEE Transactions on vehicular technology 58 (3), 1077-1096, 2008
Review on heavy metal adsorption processes by carbon nanotubes
SS Fiyadh, MA AlSaadi, WZ Jaafar, MK AlOmar, SS Fayaed, NS Mohd, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 230, 783-793, 2019
Reservoir optimization in water resources: a review
A Ahmad, A El-Shafie, SFM Razali, ZS Mohamad
Water resources management 28, 3391-3405, 2014
Stream-flow forecasting using extreme learning machines: a case study in a semi-arid region in Iraq
ZM Yaseen, O Jaafar, RC Deo, O Kisi, J Adamowski, J Quilty, A El-Shafie
Journal of Hydrology 542, 603-614, 2016
Extreme gradient boosting (Xgboost) model to predict the groundwater levels in Selangor Malaysia
AIA Osman, AN Ahmed, MF Chow, YF Huang, A El-Shafie
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 12 (2), 1545-1556, 2021
GPS/INS integration utilizing dynamic neural networks for vehicular navigation
A Noureldin, A El-Shafie, M Bayoumi
Information fusion 12 (1), 48-57, 2011
A neuro-fuzzy model for inflow forecasting of the Nile river at Aswan high dam
A El-Shafie, MR Taha, A Noureldin
Water resources management 21, 533-556, 2007
Novel approach for streamflow forecasting using a hybrid ANFIS-FFA model
ZM Yaseen, I Ebtehaj, H Bonakdari, RC Deo, AD Mehr, WHMW Mohtar, ...
Journal of Hydrology 554, 263-276, 2017
Application of artificial neural networks for water quality prediction
A Najah, A El-Shafie, OA Karim, AH El-Shafie
Neural Computing and Applications 22, 187-201, 2013
Improving artificial intelligence models accuracy for monthly streamflow forecasting using grey Wolf optimization (GWO) algorithm
Y Tikhamarine, D Souag-Gamane, AN Ahmed, O Kisi, A El-Shafie
Journal of Hydrology 582, 124435, 2020
ANN based sediment prediction model utilizing different input scenarios
HA Afan, A El-Shafie, ZM Yaseen, MM Hameed, WHM Wan Mohtar, ...
Water resources management 29, 1231-1245, 2015
Daily forecasting of dam water levels: comparing a support vector machine (SVM) model with adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)
A Hipni, A El-shafie, A Najah, OA Karim, A Hussain, M Mukhlisin
Water resources management 27, 3803-3823, 2013
A modified gravitational search algorithm for slope stability analysis
M Khajehzadeh, MR Taha, A El-Shafie, M Eslami
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 25 (8), 1589-1597, 2012
Wavelet based hybrid ANN-ARIMA models for meteorological drought forecasting
MMH Khan, NS Muhammad, A El-Shafie
Journal of Hydrology 590, 125380, 2020
A review of the hybrid artificial intelligence and optimization modelling of hydrological streamflow forecasting
KSMH Ibrahim, YF Huang, AN Ahmed, CH Koo, A El-Shafie
Alexandria Engineering Journal 61 (1), 279-303, 2022
Rainfall forecasting model using machine learning methods: Case study Terengganu, Malaysia
WM Ridwan, M Sapitang, A Aziz, KF Kushiar, AN Ahmed, A El-Shafie
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 12 (2), 1651-1663, 2021
The state-of-the-art system dynamics application in integrated water resources modeling
M Zomorodian, SH Lai, M Homayounfar, S Ibrahim, SE Fatemi, ...
Journal of environmental management 227, 294-304, 2018
Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system based model for rainfall forecasting in Klang River, Malaysia
A El-Shafie, O Jaafer, A Seyed
Int J Phys Sci 6 (12), 2875-2888, 2011
Application of soft computing based hybrid models in hydrological variables modeling: a comprehensive review
F Fahimi, ZM Yaseen, A El-shafie
Theoretical and applied climatology 128, 875-903, 2017
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