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Sadegh Aberoumand
Sadegh Aberoumand
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Trích dẫn bởi
Experimental study on the rheological behavior of silver-heat transfer oil nanofluid and suggesting two empirical based correlations for thermal conductivity and viscosity of …
S Aberoumand, A Jafarimoghaddam, M Moravej, H Aberoumand, ...
Applied Thermal Engineering 101 (2016), 362-372, 2016
Energy and exergy analysis of a photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) system using nanofluids: An experimental study
S Aberoumand, S Ghamari, B Shabani
Solar Energy 165, 167-177, 2018
Recent advances on nanofluids for low to medium temperature solar collectors: energy, exergy, economic analysis and environmental impact
Z Said, AA Hachicha, S Aberoumand, BAA Yousef, ET Sayed, E Bellos
Progress in Energy and Combustion science 84, 100898, 2021
Experimental study on synthesis, stability, thermal conductivity and viscosity of Cu–engine oil nanofluid
S Aberoumand, A Jafarimoghaddam
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 71 (2017), 315–322, 2017
A renewable energy-driven thermoelectric-utilized solar still with external condenser loaded by silver/nanofluid for simultaneously water disinfection and desalination
SM Parsa, A Rahbar, MH Koleini, S Aberoumand, M Afrand, M Amidpour
Desalination 480, 114354, 2020
Recent advances in preparation methods and thermophysical properties of oil-based nanofluids: A state-of-the-art review
A Asadi, S Aberoumand, A Moradikazerouni, F Pourfattah, G Żyła, ...
Powder technology 352, 209-226, 2019
An experimental and theoretical investigation on the effects of adding hybrid nanoparticles on heat transfer efficiency and pumping power of an oil-based nanofluid as a coolant …
M Asadi, A Asadi, S Aberoumand
International Journal of Refrigeration 89, 83-92, 2018
Tungsten (III) oxide (WO3)–Silver/transformer oil hybrid nanofluid: Preparation, stability, thermal conductivity and dielectric strength
S Aberoumand, A Jafarimoghaddam
Alexandria engineering journal 57 (1), 169-174, 2018
A critical analysis on the energy and exergy performance of photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) system: The role of nanofluids stability and synthesizing method
SM Parsa, A Yazdani, H Aberoumand, Y Farhadi, A Ansari, ...
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 51, 101887, 2022
Experimental assessment on passive solar distillation system on Mount Tochal at the height of 3964 m: Study at high altitude
SM Parsa, D Javadi, A Rahbar, M Majidniya, S Aberoumand, Y Amidpour, ...
Desalination 466, 77-88, 2019
Advances in electrode and electrolyte improvements in vanadium redox flow batteries with a focus on the nanofluidic electrolyte approach
S Aberoumand, P Woodfield, B Shabani, DV Dao
Physics Reports 881, 1-49, 2020
An empirical investigation on thermal characteristics and pressure drop of Ag-oil nanofluid in concentric annular tube
AAAA H Aberoumand, S Aberoumand, A Jafari Moghaddam
Heat and Mass Transfer 52 (8, August 2016), 1693–1706, 2015
An empirical investigation on Cu/Ethylene Glycol nanofluid through a concentric annular tube and proposing a correlation for predicting Nusselt number
A Jafarimoghaddam, S Aberoumand
Alexandria Engineering Journal 55 (2 June 2016), 1047–1052, 2016
Mixed convection heat transfer of nanofluids inside curved tubes: An experimental study
S Aberoumand, A Jafarimoghaddam
Applied Thermal Engineering 108 (September 2016), 967–979, 2016
Experimental study on Cu/oil nanofluids through concentric annular tube: a correlation
A Jafarimoghaddam, S Aberoumand, H Aberoumand, K Javaherdeh
Heat Transfer—Asian Research 46 (3), 251-260, 2017
Advances in Si and SiC materials for high‐performance supercapacitors toward integrated energy storage systems
TK Nguyen, S Aberoumand, DV Dao
Small 17 (49), 2101775, 2021
Thermo-electro-rheological behaviour of vanadium electrolyte-based electrochemical graphene oxide nanofluid designed for redox flow battery
S Aberoumand, P Woodfield, G Shi, TK Nguyen, HQ Nguyen, Q Li, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 338, 116860, 2021
MHD wedge flow of nanofluids with an analytic solution to an especial case by Lambert W-function and Homotopy Perturbation Method
A Jafarimoghaddam, H Aberoumand, S Aberoumand, AAA Arani, ...
Engineering Science and Technology, an international Journal 20 (6), 1515-1530, 2017
Mixed convection heat transfer: an experimental study on Cu/heat transfer oil nanofluids inside annular tube
AAA Arani, H Aberoumand, A Jafarimoghaddam, S Aberoumand
Heat and Mass Transfer, 1-10, 2017
Al/oil nanofluids inside annular tube: an experimental study on convective heat transfer and pressure drop
A Jafarimoghaddam, S Aberoumand, K Javaherdeh, AAA Arani, ...
Heat and Mass Transfer 54, 1053-1067, 2018
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