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rouhallah fatahi
rouhallah fatahi
Tên khácRohallah Fattahi Nafchi, Rouhollah Fatahi, Rouhallah Fatahi‑Nafchi
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Eco-hydrologic stability zonation of dams and power plants using the combined models of SMCE and CEQUALW2
R Fatahi Nafchi, P Yaghoobi, H Reaisi Vanani, K Ostad‑Ali‑Askari, J Nouri, ...
Applied Water Science 11 (7), 109, 2021
Laboratory investigation on erosion threshold shear stress of cohesive sediment in Karkheh Dam
RF Nafchi, H Samadi-Boroujeni, HR Vanani, K Ostad-Ali-Askari, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 80, 1-15, 2021
Effect of triangular corrugated beds on the hydraulic jump characteristics
RFN H. Samadi-Boroujeni, M. Ghazali, B. Gorbani
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 40 (9), 841-847, 2013
Groundwater recharge estimation under semi arid climate: Case of Northern Gafsa watershed, Tunisia
A Melki, K Abdollahi, R Fatahi, H Abida
Journal of African Earth Sciences, 37-46, 2017
Risk assessment of agricultural water requirement based on a multi-model ensemble framework, southwest of Iran
R Zamani, AM Akhond-Ali, A Roozbahani, R Fattahi
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 129, 1109-1121, 2017
Experimental study of shape and volume of wetted soil in trickle irrigation method
RF Nafchi, F Mosavi, K Parvanak
African Journal of Agricultural Research 6 (2), 458-466, 2011
Quantifying the impacts of anthropogenic changes and climate variability on runoff changes in central plateau of Iran using nine methods
A Sharifi, R Mirabbasi, MA Nasr-Esfahani, AT Haghighi, RF Nafchi
Journal of Hydrology 603, 127045, 2021
Field performance evaluation of micro irrigation systems in Iran.
M Zamaniyan, R Fatahi, S Boroomand-Nasab
Soil & Water Research 9 (3), 2014
Comparison of traditional and modern deficit irrigation techniques in corn cultivation using treated municipal wastewater
Z Nazem, T Sayyed-Hassan, FN Rohollah, N Payam, ...
International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture 6, 47–55, 2017
Evaluation of emitters and water quality in trickle irrigation systems under Iranian conditions
M Zamaniyan, R Fatahi, S Boroomand-Nasab, S Shamohammadi, ...
International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences 5 (15), 1632, 2013
Introducing the new model of chemical adsorption for heavy metals by Jacobi activated carbon adsorbents, Iranian activated carbon and blowy sand
S Shamohammadi, M Khajeh, R Fattahi, M Kadkhodahosseini
Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering 6, 100220, 2022
Effects of different forest cover configurations on reducing the solitary wave-induced total sediment transport in coastal areas: An experimental study
H Jalil-Masir, R Fattahi, E Ghanbari-Adivi, MA Aghbolaghi
Ocean Engineering 235, 109350, 2021
An inclusive multiple model for predicting total sediment transport rate in the presence of coastal vegetation cover based on optimized kernel extreme learning models
H Jalil-Masir, R Fattahi, E Ghanbari-Adivi, M Asadi Aghbolaghi, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (44), 67180-67213, 2022
Nitrate removal from agricultural effluent using sugarcane bagasse active nanosorbent
P Mehrabinia, E Ghanbari-Adivi, R Fattahi, HA Samimi, J Kermanezhad
Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research 10 (3), 238-249, 2022
Study the Effect of used Parameters on Geomorphologic Instantaneous unit Hydrograph
F Bayati, R Mirabbasi, R Fatahi, M Radfar
Journal of Watershed Management Research 10 (20004), 109-119, 2020
Investigation the effect of magnetic salt water on yield and yield components of green pepper
M Mohammadian, R Fatahi, MR Nouri Emamzadei
Irrigation Sciences and Engineering 39 (1), 121-130, 2016
Effect of different managements with drip irrigation (tape)
M Amini Najafabadi, R Fatahi Nafchi, H Salami, HR Vanani, ...
Applied Water Science 13 (2), 37, 2023
Costs Estimation of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems for Varying Lateral Pressure Loss in Agricultural Fields
S Zebardast, AR Khoob, R Fatahi, I Rahimi
Advance in Agriculture and Biology 4 (4), 135-142, 2015
Phosphate Removal from Agricultural Drainage Using Biochar
P Mehrabinia, E Ghanbari-Adivi, HA Samimi, R Fattahi
Water Conservation Science and Engineering 7 (4), 405-417, 2022
Prediction of Flow Velocity Near Inclined Surfaces with Varying Roughness.
RF Zahra Askari, Hossein Afzalimehr, Vijay P. Singh
International Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 4 (1), 1-9, 2015
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