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Heather J. Aslin
Heather J. Aslin
Senior Scientist, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
The rodents of Australia.
CHS Watts
(No Title), 1981
Towards whole of community engagement: A practical toolkit
H Aslin, V Brown
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AW Russell, FM Vanclay, HJ Aslin
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H Aslin
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Community perceptions of fishing: implications for industry image, marketing and sustainability
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Wildlife and world views: Australian attitudes toward wildlife
HJ Aslin, DH Bennett
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Peri-urban landholders and bio-security issues–a scoping study
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Now I’m not an expert in anything’: Challenges in undertaking transdisciplinary inquiries across the social and biophysical sciences
HJ Aslin, KL Blackstock
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Fostering involvement–how to improve participation in learning
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Terms of Engagement: A Toolkit for Community Engagement for the Murray-Darling Bason
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Fishing for Women: understanding women's roles in the fishing industry
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HJ Aslin
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HJ Aslin
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