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Experimental study on seismic performance of new RCS connection
XH Nguyen, QH Nguyen, DD Le, O Mirza
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Shaking table tests of lightly rc walls: Numerical simulations
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Gelation time optimization for an HPAM/chromium acetate system: The successful key of conformance control technology
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Determination of an infill well placement using a data-driven multi-modal convolutional neural network
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Effects of reservoir parameters and operational design on the prediction of SAGD performance in Athabasca Oilsands
HX Nguyen, B Wisup, XV Tran, DQ Ta, DH Nguyen
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Experimental Design to Optimize Operating Conditions for SAGD Process, Peace River Oilsands, Alberta.
HX Nguyen, B Wisup, XV Tran, T Chung
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Vulnérabilité des structures en béton armé à voiles porteurs: expérimentation et modélisation
XH Nguyen
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Using response surface design for optimizing operating conditions in recovering heavy oil process, Peace River oil sands
XH Nguyen, W Bae, T Gunadi, Y Park
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Investigation of SAGD recovery process in complex reservoir
CT Dang, NT Nguyen, W Bae, HX Nguyen, TN Tu, T Chung
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Antimicrobial resistance phenotypes of ETEC isolates from piglets with diarrhea in North Vietnam
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Succesful application of metal PCP rechnology to maximize oil recovery in SAGD process
R Arystanbay, W Bae, HX Nguyen, S Ryou, W Lee, T Jang
SPE Heavy Oil Conference and Exhibition, 2011
A new method for building porosity and permeability models of a fractured granite basement reservoir
TBN Nguyen, W Bae, LA Nguyen, TQC Dang
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A comprehensive evaluation of the performances of alkaline/surfactant/polymer in conventional and unconventional reservoirs
CT Dang, NT Nguyen, ZJ Chen, HX Nguyen, W Bae, TH Phung
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Static behavior of novel RCS through-column-type joint: Experimental and numerical study
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Shaking table test on seismic performance of L-and V-sectioned reinforced concrete columns
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The seismic behavior of reinforced concrete structural walls: experiments and modeling
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XH Nguyen, HC Nguyen
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Performance of multifiber beam element for seismic analysis of reinforced concrete structures
XH Nguyen
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Fractured basement reservoirs and oil displacement mechanism in White Tiger Field, offshore Vietnam
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Experimental Design to Optimize Operating Conditions for SAGD Process
HX Nguyen
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference …, 2011
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