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Navid Kardani
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Trích dẫn bởi
Improved prediction of slope stability using a hybrid stacking ensemble method based on finite element analysis and field data
N Kardani, A Zhou, M Nazem, SL Shen
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 13 (1), 188-201, 2021
A novel technique based on the improved firefly algorithm coupled with extreme learning machine (ELM-IFF) for predicting the thermal conductivity of soil
N Kardani, A Bardhan, P Samui, M Nazem, A Zhou, DJ Armaghani
Engineering with Computers, 1-20, 2022
Estimation of bearing capacity of piles in cohesionless soil using optimised machine learning approaches
N Kardani, A Zhou, M Nazem, SL Shen
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 38 (2), 2271-2291, 2020
Modelling the energy performance of residential buildings using advanced computational frameworks based on RVM, GMDH, ANFIS-BBO and ANFIS-IPSO
N Kardani, A Bardhan, D Kim, P Samui, A Zhou
Journal of Building Engineering 35, 102105, 2021
Soft computing based closed form equations correlating L and N-type Schmidt hammer rebound numbers of rocks
PG Asteris, A Mamou, M Hajihassani, M Hasanipanah, M Koopialipoor, ...
Transportation Geotechnics 29, 100588, 2021
A novel integrated approach of augmented grey wolf optimizer and ANN for estimating axial load carrying-capacity of concrete-filled steel tube columns
A Bardhan, R Biswas, N Kardani, M Iqbal, P Samui, MP Singh, PG Asteris
Construction and Building Materials 337, 127454, 2022
Prediction viscosity of ionic liquids using a hybrid LSSVM and group contribution method
A Baghban, MN Kardani, S Habibzadeh
Journal of Molecular liquids 236, 452-464, 2017
Modelling of municipal solid waste gasification using an optimised ensemble soft computing model
N Kardani, A Zhou, M Nazem, X Lin
Fuel 289, 119903, 2021
Predicting permeability of tight carbonates using a hybrid machine learning approach of modified equilibrium optimizer and extreme learning machine
N Kardani, A Bardhan, S Gupta, P Samui, M Nazem, Y Zhang, A Zhou
Acta Geotechnica, 1-17, 2021
Improved estimation of Cetane number of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) based biodiesels using TLBO-NN and PSO-NN models
A Baghban, MN Kardani, AH Mohammadi
Fuel 232, 620-631, 2018
Predicting the thermal conductivity of soils using integrated approach of ANN and PSO with adaptive and time-varying acceleration coefficients
N Kardani, A Bardhan, P Samui, M Nazem, PG Asteris, A Zhou
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 173, 107427, 2022
Novel application of adaptive swarm intelligence techniques coupled with adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system in predicting photovoltaic power
MR Kaloop, A Bardhan, N Kardani, P Samui, JW Hu, A Ramzy
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 148, 111315, 2021
A novel improved Harris Hawks optimization algorithm coupled with ELM for predicting permeability of tight carbonates
N Kardani, A Bardhan, B Roy, P Samui, M Nazem, DJ Armaghani, A Zhou
Engineering with Computers, 1-24, 2022
Prediction of the resilient modulus of compacted subgrade soils using ensemble machine learning methods
N Kardani, M Aminpour, MNA Raja, G Kumar, A Bardhan, M Nazem
Transportation Geotechnics 36, 100827, 2022
Group contribution methods for estimating CO2 absorption capacities of imidazolium and ammonium-based polyionic liquids
MN Kardani, A Baghban, J Sasanipour, AH Mohammadi, S Habibzadeh
Journal of Cleaner Production 203, 601-618, 2018
Hybrid ensemble soft computing approach for predicting penetration rate of tunnel boring machine in a rock environment
A Bardhan, N Kardani, A GuhaRay, A Burman, P Samui, Y Zhang
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 13 (6), 1398-1412, 2021
Estimating unconfined compressive strength of unsaturated cemented soils using alternative evolutionary approaches
N Kardani, A Zhou, SL Shen, M Nazem
Transportation Geotechnics 29, 100591, 2021
Novel integration of extreme learning machine and improved Harris hawks optimization with particle swarm optimization-based mutation for predicting soil consolidation parameter
A Bardhan, N Kardani, AK Alzo'ubi, B Roy, P Samui, AH Gandomi
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 14 (5), 1588-1608, 2022
Neural computing approach for estimation of natural gas dew point temperature in glycol dehydration plant
A Ghanbari, MN Kardani, A Moazami Goodarzi, M Janghorban Lariche, ...
International Journal of Ambient Energy 41 (7), 775-782, 2020
Machine learning prediction of the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass during hydrothermal carbonization
N Kardani, M Hedayati Marzbali, K Shah, A Zhou
Biofuels 13 (6), 703-715, 2022
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