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Fuensanta Caravaca
Fuensanta Caravaca
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Induction of antioxidant enzymes is involved in the greater effectiveness of a PGPR versus AM fungi with respect to increasing the tolerance of lettuce to severe salt stress
J Kohler, JA Hernández, F Caravaca, A Roldán
Environmental and Experimental Botany 65 (2-3), 245-252, 2009
Agricultural use of digestate for horticultural crop production and improvement of soil properties
JA Alburquerque, C De la Fuente, M Campoy, L Carrasco, I Nájera, ...
European Journal of Agronomy 43, 119-128, 2012
Plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi modify alleviation biochemical mechanisms in water-stressed plants
J Kohler, JA Hernández, F Caravaca, A Roldán
Functional Plant Biology 35 (2), 141-151, 2008
No-tillage, crop residue additions, and legume cover cropping effects on soil quality characteristics under maize in Patzcuaro watershed (Mexico)
A Roldán, F Caravaca, MT Hernández, C Garcıa, C Sánchez-Brito, ...
Soil and Tillage Research 72 (1), 65-73, 2003
Land use in relation to soil chemical and biochemical properties in a semiarid Mediterranean environment
F Caravaca, G Masciandaro, B Ceccanti
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Soil microbial biomass and activity under different agricultural management systems in a semiarid Mediterranean agroecosystem
F García-Orenes, C Guerrero, A Roldán, J Mataix-Solera, A Cerdà, ...
Soil and Tillage Research 109 (2), 110-115, 2010
Soil enzyme activities suggest advantages of conservation tillage practices in sorghum cultivation under subtropical conditions
A Roldán, JR Salinas-García, MM Alguacil, E Díaz, F Caravaca
Geoderma 129 (3-4), 178-185, 2005
Changes in soil enzyme activity, fertility, aggregation and C sequestration mediated by conservation tillage practices and water regime in a maize field
A Roldán, JR Salinas-García, MM Alguacil, F Caravaca
Applied Soil Ecology 30 (1), 11-20, 2005
Interactions between a plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium, an AM fungus and a phosphate-solubilising fungus in the rhizosphere of Lactuca sativa
J Kohler, F Caravaca, L Carrasco, A Roldan
Applied Soil Ecology 35 (3), 480-487, 2007
Establishment of shrub species in a degraded semiarid site after inoculation with native or allochthonous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
F Caravaca, JM Barea, J Palenzuela, D Figueroa, MM Alguacil, A Roldán
Applied Soil Ecology 22 (2), 103-111, 2003
Contribution of Pseudomonas mendocina and Glomus intraradices to aggregate stabilization and promotion of biological fertility in rhizosphere soil of lettuce …
J Kohler, F Caravaca, L Carrasco, A Roldan
Soil Use and Management 22 (3), 298-304, 2006
An AM fungus and a PGPR intensify the adverse effects of salinity on the stability of rhizosphere soil aggregates of Lactuca sativa
J Kohler, F Caravaca, A Roldán
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 42 (3), 429-434, 2010
Antioxidant enzyme activities in shoots from three mycorrhizal shrub species afforested in a degraded semi‐arid soil
MM Alguacil, JA Hernandez, F Caravaca, B Portillo, A Roldan
Physiologia Plantarum 118 (4), 562-570, 2003
Improvement of rhizosphere aggregate stability of afforested semiarid plant species subjected to mycorrhizal inoculation and compost addition
F Caravaca, T Hernandez, C Garcıa, A Roldan
Geoderma 108 (1-2), 133-144, 2002
Use of microbiological indicators for evaluating success in soil restoration after revegetation of a mining area under subtropical conditions
I Izquierdo, F Caravaca, MM Alguacil, G Hernández, A Roldán
Applied Soil Ecology 30 (1), 3-10, 2005
Soil structural stability and erosion rates influenced by agricultural management practices in a semi‐arid Mediterranean agro‐ecosystem
F García‐Orenes, A Roldán, J Mataix‐Solera, A Cerdà, M Campoy, ...
Soil Use and Management 28 (4), 571-579, 2012
Re-establishment of Retama sphaerocarpa as a target species for reclamation of soil physical and biological properties in a semi-arid Mediterranean area
F Caravaca, MM Alguacil, D Figueroa, JM Barea, A Roldán
Forest Ecology and Management 182 (1-3), 49-58, 2003
Organic matter, nutrient contents and cation exchange capacity in fine fractions from semiarid calcareous soils
F Caravaca, A Lax, J Albaladejo
Geoderma 93 (3-4), 161-176, 1999
Poultry manure and banana waste are effective biofertilizer carriers for promoting plant growth and soil sustainability in banana crops
M del Carmen Rivera-Cruz, AT Narcía, GC Ballona, J Kohler, F Caravaca, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 40 (12), 3092-3095, 2008
Soil sustainability indicators following conservation tillage practices under subtropical maize and bean crops
A Roldan, JR Salinas-Garcia, MM Alguacil, F Caravaca
Soil and Tillage Research 93 (2), 273-282, 2007
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