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Broder Merkel
Broder Merkel
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Groundwater geochemistry
BJ Merkel, B Planer-Friedrich, DK Nordstrom
A practical guide to modeling of natural and contaminated aquatic systems 2, 2005
Cultivation and functional characterization of 79 planctomycetes uncovers their unique biology
S Wiegand, M Jogler, C Boedeker, D Pinto, J Vollmers, E Rivas-Marín, ...
Nature microbiology 5 (1), 126-140, 2020
Modelling rainfall runoff relations using HEC-HMS and IHACRES for a single rain event in an arid region of Jordan
E Abushandi, B Merkel
Water resources management 27, 2391-2409, 2013
Grundwasserchemie: praxisorientierter Leitfaden zur numerischen Modellierung von Beschaffenheit, Kontamination und Sanierung aquatischer Systeme
BJ Merkel, B Planer-Friedrich
Springer-Verlag, 2008
Mitigating uranium in groundwater: Prospects and limitations
C Noubactep, G Meinrath, P Dietrich, B Merkel
Environmental science & technology 37 (18), 4304-4308, 2003
Sorption of uranium (VI) at the clay mineral–water interface
S Bachmaf, BJ Merkel
Environmental Earth Sciences 63, 925-934, 2011
Effect of sulfate, carbonate, and phosphate on the uranium (VI) sorption behavior onto bentonite
S Bachmaf, B Planer-Friedrich, BJ Merkel
Radiochimica Acta 96 (6), 359-366, 2008
Testing the suitability of zerovalent iron materials for reactive walls
C Noubactep, G Meinrath, P Dietrich, M Sauter, BJ Merkel
Environmental Chemistry 2 (1), 71-76, 2005
Estimation of groundwater recharge using a GIS-based distributed water balance model in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
K Tilahun, BJ Merkel
Hydrogeology journal 17 (6), 1443, 2009
Vulnerability of groundwater in Quaternary aquifers to organic contaminants: a case study in Wuhan City, China
Y Wang, BJ Merkel, Y Li, H Ye, S Fu, D Ihm
Environmental Geology 53, 479-484, 2007
Groundwater recharge in a sedimentary basin in semi-arid Mexico
J Mahlknecht, JF Schneider, BJ Merkel, I Navarro de León, ...
Hydrogeology Journal 12, 511-530, 2004
Discrimination of thioarsenites and thioarsenates by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
E Suess, AC Scheinost, BC Bostick, BJ Merkel, D Wallschlaeger, ...
Analytical chemistry 81 (20), 8318-8326, 2009
Speciation of volatile arsenic at geothermal features in Yellowstone National Park
B Planer-Friedrich, C Lehr, J Matschullat, BJ Merkel, DK Nordstrom, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 70 (10), 2480-2491, 2006
Trace element hydrochemical assessment of the Calabar Coastal Plain Aquifer, southeastern Nigeria using statistical methods
AE Edet, BJ Merkel, OE Offiong
Environmental Geology 44, 137-149, 2003
Environmental impact by spill of geothermal fluids at the geothermal field of Los Azufres, Michoacán, Mexico
P Birkle, B Merkel
Water, air, and soil pollution 124, 371-410, 2000
Investigating the mechanism of uranium removal by zerovalent iron
C Noubactep, G Meinrath, BJ Merkel
Environmental Chemistry 2 (3), 235-242, 2005
Performance of high resolution satellite rainfall products over data scarce parts of Eastern Ethiopia
SB Gebere, T Alamirew, BJ Merkel, AM Melesse
Remote sensing 7 (9), 11639-11663, 2015
Determination and interpretation of environmental water samples contaminated by uranium mining activities
G Meinrath, P Volke, C Helling, EG Dudel, BJ Merkel
Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry 364, 191-202, 1999
Application of Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 images data for water quality mapping in Mosul Dam Lake, Northern Iraq
MFO Khattab, BJ Merkel
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 7, 3557-3573, 2014
Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia using DRASTIC
K Tilahun, BJ Merkel
Environmental Earth Sciences 59, 1485-1496, 2010
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