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André Aarnink
André Aarnink
Researcher Wageningen University and Research
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Trích dẫn bởi
Airborne particulate matter from livestock production systems: A review of an air pollution problem
M Cambra-López, AJA Aarnink, Y Zhao, S Calvet, AG Torres
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TT Canh, AJA Aarnink, JB Schutte, A Sutton, DJ Langhout, ...
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Carbon dioxide production in animal houses: A literature review
S Pedersen, V Blanes-Vidal, H Jørgensen, A Chwalibog, ...
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Dynamic model for ammonia volatilization in housing with partially slatted floors, for fattening pigs
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Temperature and body weight affect fouling of pig pens
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Pig production in Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, and Vietnam: a review
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CMC Van der Peet-Schwering, AJA Aarnink, HB Rom, JY Dourmad
Livestock Production Science 58 (3), 265-269, 1999
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