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Eisa Maroufpoor
Eisa Maroufpoor
Department of Water Science and Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kurdistan
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Trích dẫn bởi
Prediction of water quality parameters of Karoon River (Iran) by artificial intelligence-based models
S Emamgholizadeh, H Kashi, I Marofpoor, E Zalaghi
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Temperature-based modeling of reference evapotranspiration using several artificial intelligence models: application of different modeling scenarios
H Sanikhani, O Kisi, E Maroufpoor, ZM Yaseen
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Soil moisture simulation using hybrid artificial intelligent model: Hybridization of adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system with grey wolf optimizer algorithm
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Journal of Hydrology 575, 544-556, 2019
Reference evapotranspiration estimating based on optimal input combination and hybrid artificial intelligent model: Hybridization of artificial neural network with grey wolf …
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A Seyedzadeh, S Maroufpoor, E Maroufpoor, J Shiri, O Bozorg-Haddad, ...
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Evaluation of uniformity coefficients for sprinkler irrigation systems under different field conditions in Kurdistan Province (northwest of Iran).
E Maroufpoor, A Faryabi, H Ghamarnia, GY Moshrefi
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Impact of soil texture on the calibration of TDR for water content measurement
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Estimation of the organic carbon content by the pattern recognition method
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A novel hybridized neuro-fuzzy model with an optimal input combination for dissolved oxygen estimation
S Maroufpoor, SS Sammen, N Alansari, SI Abba, A Malik, S Shahid, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science 10, 929707, 2022
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