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Takehito Yoshida
Takehito Yoshida
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Trích dẫn bởi
Rapid evolution drives ecological dynamics in a predator–prey system
T Yoshida, LE Jones, SP Ellner, GF Fussmann, NG Hairston
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Rapid evolution and the convergence of ecological and evolutionary time
NG Hairston, SP Ellner, MA Geber, T Yoshida, JA Fox
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Threshold elemental ratios of carbon and phosphorus in aquatic consumers
PC Frost, JP Benstead, WF Cross, H Hillebrand, JH Larson, ...
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Cryptic population dynamics: rapid evolution masks trophic interactions
T Yoshida, SP Ellner, LE Jones, BJM Bohannan, RE Lenski, ...
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Recent advances in ecological stoichiometry: insights for population and community ecology
SJ Moe, RS Stelzer, MR Forman, WS Harpole, T Daufresne, T Yoshida
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Reduced light increases herbivore production due to stoichiometric effects of light/nutrient balance
J Urabe, M Kyle, W Makino, T Yoshida, T Andersen, JJ Elser
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Evolutionary trade–off between defence against grazing and competitive ability in a simple unicellular alga, Chlorella vulgaris
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Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 2004
Rapid contemporary evolution and clonal food web dynamics
LE Jones, L Becks, SP Ellner, NG Hairston Jr, T Yoshida, GF Fussmann
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Assessment of ‘top‐down’and ‘bottom‐up’forces as determinants of rotifer distribution among lakes in Ontario, Canada
T Yoshida, J Urabe, JJ Elser
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Prey evolution on the time scale of predator–prey dynamics revealed by allele-specific quantitative PCR
JR Meyer, SP Ellner, NG Hairston Jr, LE Jones, T Yoshida
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (28), 10690-10695, 2006
Herbivorous animals can mitigate unfavourable ratios of energy and material supplies by enhancing nutrient recycling
J Urabe, JJ Elser, M Kyle, T Yoshida, T Sekino, Z Kawabata
Ecology Letters 5 (2), 177-185, 2002
Species-rich networks and eco-evolutionary synthesis at the metacommunity level
H Toju, M Yamamichi, PR Guimarăes, JM Olesen, A Mougi, T Yoshida, ...
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Comparing the effects of rapid evolution and phenotypic plasticity on predator-prey dynamics
M Yamamichi, T Yoshida, A Sasaki
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Diel changes in phagotrophy by Cryptomonas in Lake Biwa
J Urabe, TB Gurung, T Yoshida, T Sekino, M Nakanishi, M Maruo, ...
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A direct, experimental test of resource vs. consumer dependence
GF Fussmann, G Weithoff, T Yoshida
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Form of an evolutionary tradeoff affects eco-evolutionary dynamics in a predator–prey system
M Kasada, M Yamamichi, T Yoshida
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (45), 16035-16040, 2014
Direct and indirect effects of zooplankton on algal composition in in situ grazing experiments
M Kagami, T Yoshida, T Gurung, J Urabe
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Seasonal succession of zooplankton in the north basin of Lake Biwa
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Biological invasion as a natural experiment of the evolutionary processes: introduction of the special feature
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To sink or to be lysed? Contrasting fate of two large phytoplankton species in Lake Biwa
M Kagami, TB Gurung, T Yoshida, J Urabe
Limnology and oceanography 51 (6), 2775-2786, 2006
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