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Trương Quốc Định (Quoc-Dinh Truong; Truong, Q-D)
Trương Quốc Định (Quoc-Dinh Truong; Truong, Q-D)
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Tiêu đề
Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Plant species identification from leaf patterns using histogram of oriented gradients feature space and convolution neural networks
T Quoc Bao, NT Tan Kiet, T Quoc Dinh, HX Hiep
Journal of Information and Telecommunication 4 (2), 140-150, 2020
Graph methods for social network analysis
QD Truong, QB Truong, T Dkaki
International Conference on Nature of computation and Communication, 276-286, 2016
Mining a medieval social network by kernel SOM and related methods
N Villa, F Rossi, QD Truong
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An energy model for the drawing of clustered graphs
QD Truong, T Dkaki, PJ Charrel
Proceedings of Vème colloque international VSST, Marrakech, Maroc, 21-25, 2007
Depth learning with convolutional neural network for leaves classifier based on shape of leaf vein
TK Nguyen Thanh, QB Truong, QD Truong, H Huynh Xuan
Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems, 565-575, 2018
Passage retrieval using graph vertices comparison
T Dkaki, J Mothe, QD Truong
2007 Third International IEEE Conference on Signal-Image Technologies and …, 2007
Một giải pháp tóm tắt văn bản tiếng Việt tự động
TQ Định, NQ Dũng
Hội thảo quốc gia lần thứ XV: Một số vấn đề chọn lọc của Công nghệ thông tin …, 2012
Plant identification using new architecture convolutional neural networks combine with replacing the red of color channel image by vein morphology leaf
HX Huynh, BQ Truong, KT Nguyen Thanh, DQ Truong
Vietnam Journal of Computer Science 7 (02), 197-208, 2020
Automatic dragon fruit counting using adaptive thresholds for image segmentation and shape analysis
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GVC: a graph-based Information Retrieval Mode.
QD Truong, T Dkaki, J Mothe, PJ Charrel
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Clustered graphs drawing
QD Truong, T Dkaki, PJ Charrel
Proceedings of Stimulating Manufacturing Excellence in SME, Hammamet …, 2008
Vietnamese text classification with textrank and jaccard similarity coefficient
HT Huynh, N Duong-Trung, DQ Truong, HX Huynh
Adv. Sci. Technol. Eng. Syst 5 (6), 2020
Information retrieval model based on graph comparison
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Shallow and Deep Learning Architecture for Pests Identification on Pomelo Leaf
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2018 10th International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE …, 2018
Automatic Keywords-based Classification of Vietnamese Texts
HT Huynh, N Duong-Trung, XS Ha, NQT Tang, HX Huynh, DQ Truong
2020 RIVF International Conference on Computing and Communication …, 2020
A study on warning system about drowsy status of driver
DT Nhan, TQ Bao, TQ Dinh
2017 Seventh International Conference on Information Science and Technology …, 2017
A new method for information retrieval based on graph comparison
T Dkaki, QD Truong, J Mothe, PJ Charrel
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ViAGraph: a tool for graph visualization and analysis
QD Truong, T Dkaki
An abstract-based approach for text classification
QD Truong, HX Huynh, CN Nguyen
International Conference on Nature of Computation and Communication, 237-245, 2016
An Approach for Building a Semi-automatic Online Consultancy System
N Thai-Nghe, QD Truong
2015 International Conference on Advanced Computing and Applications (ACOMP …, 2015
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