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Suraj Bhagat
Suraj Bhagat
College of Environmental Sciences
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Trích dẫn bởi
Groundwater level prediction using machine learning models: A comprehensive review
H Tao, MM Hameed, HA Marhoon, M Zounemat-Kermani, S Heddam, ...
Neurocomputing 489, 271-308, 2022
Development of artificial intelligence for modeling wastewater heavy metal removal: State of the art, application assessment and possible future research
SK Bhagat, TM Tung, ZM Yaseen
Journal of Cleaner Production 250, 119473, 2020
Prediction of sediment heavy metal at the Australian Bays using newly developed hybrid artificial intelligence models
SK Bhagat, T Tiyasha, SM Awadh, TM Tung, AH Jawad, ZM Yaseen
Environmental Pollution 268, 115663, 2021
Heavy metal contamination prediction using ensemble model: Case study of Bay sedimentation, Australia
SK Bhagat, TM Tung, ZM Yaseen
Journal of Hazardous Materials 403, 123492, 2021
Functionalization of remote sensing and on-site data for simulating surface water dissolved oxygen: Development of hybrid tree-based artificial intelligence models
T Tiyasha, TM Tung, SK Bhagat, ML Tan, AH Jawad, WHMW Mohtar, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 170, 112639, 2021
Metaheuristic optimization algorithms hybridized with artificial intelligence model for soil temperature prediction: Novel model
L Penghui, AA Ewees, BH Beyaztas, CC Qi, SQ Salih, N Al-Ansari, ...
IEEE Access 8, 51884 - 51904, 2020
Manganese (Mn) removal prediction using extreme gradient model
SK Bhagat, T Tiyasha, TM Tung, RR Mostafa, ZM Yaseen
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 204, 111059, 2020
Laundry wastewater treatment using a combination of sand filter, bio-char and teff straw media
ZM Yaseen, TT Zigale, Tiyasha, SQ Salih, S Awasthi, TM Tung, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 18709, 2019
Prediction of copper ions adsorption by attapulgite adsorbent using tuned-artificial intelligence model
SK Bhagat, K Pyrgaki, SQ Salih, T Tiyasha, U Beyaztas, S Shahid, ...
Chemosphere 276, 130162, 2021
Newly explored machine learning model for river flow time series forecasting at Mary River, Australia
F Cui, SQ Salih, B Choubin, SK Bhagat, P Samui, ZM Yaseen
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 192, 1-15, 2020
Comprehensive review on machine learning methodologies for modeling dye removal processes in wastewater
SK Bhagat, KE Pilario, BO Emmanuel, T Tiyasha, M Yaqub, CE Onu, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 385, 135522, 2023
Modeling soil temperature using air temperature features in diverse climatic conditions with complementary machine learning models
M Bayatvarkeshi, SK Bhagat, K Mohammadi, O Kisi, M Farahani, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 185, 106158, 2021
Evaluating physical and fiscal water leakage in water distribution system
SK Bhagat, Tiyasha, W Welde, O Tesfaye, TM Tung, N Al-Ansari, SQ Salih, ...
Water 11 (10), 2091, 2019
Performance evaluation of sediment ejector efficiency using hybrid neuro-fuzzy models
A Sharafati, M Haghbin, NK Tiwari, SK Bhagat, N Al-Ansari, KW Chau, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 15 (1), 627-643, 2021
Development of Advanced Computer Aid Model for Shear Strength of Concrete Slender Beam Prediction
A Sharafati, M Haghbin, MS Aldlemy, MH Mussa, AW Al Zand, M Ali, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (11), 3811, 2020
Prediction of lead (Pb) adsorption on attapulgite clay using the feasibility of data intelligence models
SK Bhagat, M Paramasivan, M Al-Mukhtar, T Tiyasha, K Pyrgaki, TM Tung, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 31670-31688, 2021
Integrative artificial intelligence models for Australian coastal sediment lead prediction: An investigation of in-situ measurements and meteorological parameters effects
SK Bhagat, T Tiyasha, A Kumar, T Malik, AH Jawad, KM Khedher, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 309, 114711, 2022
Dual water choices: The assessment of the influential factors on water sources choices using unsupervised machine learning market basket analysis
T Tiyasha, SK Bhagat, F Fituma, TM Tung, S Shahid, ZM Yaseen
IEEE Access 9, 150532-150544, 2021
Economical Approaches for the Treatment and Re utilization of Laundry Wastewater - A Review
SK Bhagat, Tiyasha, DN Bekele
Journal of Industrial Pollution Control 34 (2), 2164-2178, 2018
Hybridized artificial intelligence models with nature-inspired algorithms for river flow modeling: A comprehensive review, assessment, and possible future research directions
H Tao, SI Abba, AM Al-Areeq, F Tangang, S Samantaray, A Sahoo, ...
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 129, 107559, 2024
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