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Abdullahi Garba Usman, Ph.D
Abdullahi Garba Usman, Ph.D
Tên khácA. G. Usman, Abdullahi G. Usman, Usman A.G
Researcher in Analytical chemistry and Operational research centre in Healthcare, Near East
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Trích dẫn bởi
Potential of hybrid data-intelligence algorithms for multi-station modelling of rainfall
QB Pham, SI Abba, AG Usman, NTT Linh, V Gupta, A Malik, R Costache, ...
Water Resources Management 33, 5067-5087, 2019
Emerging evolutionary algorithm integrated with kernel principal component analysis for modeling the performance of a water treatment plant
SI Abba, QB Pham, AG Usman, NTT Linh, DS Aliyu, Q Nguyen, QV Bach
Journal of Water Process Engineering 33, 101081, 2020
A Novel Multi‑model Data‑Driven Ensemble Technique for the Prediction of Retention Factor in HPLC Method Development
AG Usman, S Işik, SI Abba
Chromatographia, 2020
Compressive strength of self-compacting concrete modified with rice husk ash and calcium carbide waste modeling: a feasibility of emerging emotional intelligent model (EANN …
SI Haruna, SI Malami, M Adamu, AG Usman, AIB Farouk, SIA Ali, SI Abba
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 46 (11), 11207-11222, 2021
Simulation for response surface in the HPLC optimization method development using artificial intelligence models: A data-driven approach
SI Abba, AG Usman, IŞ Selin
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 201, 104007, 2020
Implementation of soft-computing models for prediction of flexural strength of pervious concrete hybridized with rice husk ash and calcium carbide waste
SI Malami, AA Musa, SI Haruna, UU Aliyu, AG Usman, MI Abdurrahman, ...
Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 8 (2), 1933-1947, 2022
Modelling the Absorbance of a Bioactive Compound in HPLC Method using Artificial Neural Network and Multilinear Regression Methods
HU Abdullahi, AG Usman, SI Abba
vol 6, 362-371, 2020
Artificial intelligence-based models for the qualitative and quantitative prediction of aphytochemical compound using HPLC method
AG Usman, S IŞik, SI Abba, F MerİÇlİ
Turkish Journal of Chemistry 44 (5), 1339-1351, 2020
Comparative implementation between neuro-emotional genetic algorithm and novel ensemble computing techniques for modelling dissolved oxygen concentration
SI Abba, RA Abdulkadir, SS Sammen, AG Usman, SG Meshram, A Malik, ...
Hydrological Sciences Journal 66 (10), 1584-1596, 2021
Artificial intelligence-based approaches for modeling the effects of spirulina growth mediums on total phenolic compounds
WA Metekia, AG Usman, BH Ulusoy, SI Abba, KC Bali
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 29 (2), 1111-1117, 2022
Prediction of the effects of environmental factors towards COVID-19 outbreak using AI-based models
SIA Khalid Mahmoud, Hatice Bebiş, A. G. Usman, A.N. Salihu, M.S Gaya, Umar ...
IAES International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJ-AI) 10 (1), 35-42, 2021
Applications of Artificial Intelligence-Based Models and Multi-Linear Regression for the Prediction of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Level in the Human Body
UM Ghali, AG Usman, MAA Degm, AN Alsharksi, AM Naibi, SI Abba
vol 29, 3690-3699, 2020
Multi-regional modeling of cumulative COVID-19 cases integrated with environmental forest knowledge estimation: a deep learning ensemble approach
A Alamrouni, F Aslanova, S Mati, HS Maccido, AA Jibril, AG Usman, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 (2), 738, 2022
Neurocomputing Modelling of Hydrochemical and Physical Properties of Groundwater Coupled with Spatial Clustering, GIS, and Statistical Techniques
M Benaafi, MA Yassin, AG Usman, SI Abba
Sustainability 14 (4), 2250, 2022
Hybrid data-intelligence algorithms for the simulation of thymoquinone in HPLC method development
AG Usman, S Işik, SI Abba
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 18 (1), 1-13, 2021
Chemometrics‐based models hyphenated with ensemble machine learning for retention time simulation of isoquercitrin in Coriander sativum L. using high …
AG Usman, S Işik, SI Abba, F Meriçli
Journal of Separation Science 44 (4), 843-849, 2021
Advanced chromatographic technique for performance simulation of anti-Alzheimer agent: An ensemble machine learning approach
UM Ghali, AG Usman, ZM Chellube, MAA Degm, K Hoti, H Umar, SI Abba
SN Applied Sciences 2, 1-12, 2020
The effect of ethanolic leaves extract of Hymenodictyon floribundun on inflammatory biomarkers: a data-driven approach
AG Usman, MH Ahmad, RN Danraka, SI Abba
Bulletin of the National Research Centre 45, 1-12, 2021
Application of data-intelligence algorithms for modeling the compaction performance of new pharmaceutical excipients
Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 31 (7), 1-11, 2021
Sandstone groundwater salinization modelling using physicochemical variables in Southern Saudi Arabia: Application of novel data intelligent algorithms
SI Abba, M Benaafi, AG Usman, IH Aljundi
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 14 (3), 101894, 2023
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