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Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh
University of Guelph | Area Head (Biological and Biomedical Engineering)
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Trích dẫn bởi
Microwave-assisted extraction of phenolic antioxidants from potato peels
A Singh, K Sabally, S Kubow, DJ Donnelly, Y Gariepy, V Orsat, ...
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A comprehensive review on electrohydrodynamic drying and high-voltage electric field in the context of food and bioprocessing
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Review of conventional and novel food processing methods on food allergens
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Phosphorene-gold nanocomposite based microfluidic aptasensor for the detection of okadaic acid
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Comparison of conventional and microwave treatment on soymilk for inactivation of trypsin inhibitors and in vitro protein digestibility
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Application of Molecular Dynamic simulation to study food proteins: A Review
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A Singh, SK Vanga, GR Nair, Y Gariepy, V Orsat, V Raghavan
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Effect of Dielectric Properties of a Solvent-Water Mixture Used in Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Antioxidants from Potato Peels
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Food and water security: Analysis of integrated modeling platforms
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Recent Advances in Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste for Production of Bioproducts: A Bibliometric Analysis
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