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Carol Sze Ki Lin
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Food waste as a valuable resource for the production of chemicals, materials and fuels. Current situation and global perspective
CSK Lin, LA Pfaltzgraff, L Herrero-Davila, EB Mubofu, S Abderrahim, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (2), 426-464, 2013
Valorization of industrial waste and by-product streams via fermentation for the production of chemicals and biopolymers
AA Koutinas, A Vlysidis, D Pleissner, N Kopsahelis, IL Garcia, IK Kookos, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 43 (8), 2587-2627, 2014
A critical review on preparation, characterization and utilization of sludge-derived activated carbons for wastewater treatment
P Hadi, M Xu, C Ning, CSK Lin, G McKay
Chemical Engineering Journal 260, 895-906, 2015
Analysing global food waste problem: pinpointing the facts and estimating the energy content
M Melikoglu, CSK Lin, C Webb
Central European Journal of Engineering 3, 157-164, 2013
Food waste as nutrient source in heterotrophic microalgae cultivation
D Pleissner, WC Lam, Z Sun, CSK Lin
Bioresource technology 137, 139-146, 2013
Waste printed circuit board recycling techniques and product utilization
P Hadi, M Xu, CSK Lin, CW Hui, G McKay
Journal of hazardous materials 283, 234-243, 2015
Returning biochar to fields: A review
Z Tan, CSK Lin, X Ji, TJ Rainey
Applied Soil Ecology 116, 1-11, 2017
Aqueous mercury adsorption by activated carbons
P Hadi, MH To, CW Hui, CSK Lin, G McKay
Water Research 73, 37-55, 2015
Advances on waste valorization: new horizons for a more sustainable society
RAD Arancon, CSK Lin, KM Chan, TH Kwan, R Luque
Energy Science & Engineering 1 (2), 53-71, 2013
Recent trends in sustainable textile waste recycling methods: current situation and future prospects
N Pensupa, SY Leu, Y Hu, C Du, H Liu, H Jing, H Wang, CSK Lin
Chemistry and Chemical Technologies in Waste Valorization, 189-228, 2018
Utilisation of waste bread for fermentative succinic acid production
CCJ Leung, ASY Cheung, AYZ Zhang, KF Lam, CSK Lin
Biochemical engineering journal 65, 10-15, 2012
Newly developed techniques on polycondensation, ring-opening polymerization and polymer modification: Focus on poly (lactic acid)
Y Hu, WA Daoud, KKL Cheuk, CSK Lin
Materials 9 (3), 133, 2016
Trends in food waste valorization for the production of chemicals, materials and fuels: Case study South and Southeast Asia
KL Ong, G Kaur, N Pensupa, K Uisan, CSK Lin
Bioresource technology 248, 100-112, 2018
Current and future trends in food waste valorization for the production of chemicals, materials and fuels: a global perspective
CSK Lin, AA Koutinas, K Stamatelatou, EB Mubofu, AS Matharu, ...
Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 8 (5), 686-715, 2014
Polyhydroxyalkanoates production from low-cost sustainable raw materials
C Du, J Sabirova, W Soetaert, S Ki Carol Lin
Current chemical biology 6 (1), 14-25, 2012
Valorisation of bakery waste for succinic acid production
AY Zhang, Z Sun, CCJ Leung, W Han, KY Lau, M Li, CSK Lin
Green chemistry 15 (3), 690-695, 2013
Recent trends in green and sustainable chemistry & waste valorisation: rethinking plastics in a circular economy
G Kaur, K Uisan, KL Ong, CSK Lin
Current opinion in green and sustainable chemistry 9, 30-39, 2018
Robust succinic acid production from crude glycerol using engineered Yarrowia lipolytica
C Gao, X Yang, H Wang, CP Rivero, C Li, Z Cui, Q Qi, CSK Lin
Biotechnology for biofuels 9, 1-11, 2016
Techno-economic analysis of a food waste valorisation process for lactic acid, lactide and poly (lactic acid) production
TH Kwan, Y Hu, CSK Lin
Journal of cleaner production 181, 72-87, 2018
Fungal hydrolysis in submerged fermentation for food waste treatment and fermentation feedstock preparation
D Pleissner, TH Kwan, CSK Lin
Bioresource Technology 158, 48-54, 2014
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