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Hessam Golmohamadi
Hessam Golmohamadi
Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark
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Trích dẫn bởi
A multi-agent based optimization of residential and industrial demand response aggregators
H Golmohamadi, R Keypour, B Bak-Jensen, JR Pillai
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 107, 472-485, 2019
Demand-side management in industrial sector: A review of heavy industries
H Golmohamadi
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 156, 111963, 2022
Optimization of Household Energy Consumption towards Day-ahead Retail Electricity Price in Home Energy Management Systems
H Golmohamadi, R Keypour, B Bak-Jensen, J Radhakrishna Pillai
Sustainable Cities and Society 47, 2019
Robust Self-Scheduling of Operational Processes for Industrial Demand Response Aggregators
H Golmohamadi, R Keypour, B Bak-Jensen, J Radhakrishna Pillai
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 67 (2), 1387-1395, 2020
Stochastic Energy Management of Responsive Plug-in Electric Vehicles Characterizing Parking Lot Aggregators
MK Daryabari, R Keypour, H Golmohamadi
Applied Energy 279, 2020
Optimization of Power-to-Heat Flexibility for Residential Buildings in Response to Day-Ahead Electricity Price
H Golmohamadi, KG Larsen, PG Jensen, I Hasrat
Energy and Buildings 232, 110665, 2021
Integration of flexibility potentials of district heating systems into electricity markets: A review
H Golmohamadi, KG Larsen, PG Jensen, IR Hasrat
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 159, 112200, 2022
Robust Self-scheduling of Parking Lot Microgrids Leveraging Responsive Electric Vehicles
MK Daryabari, R Keypour, H Golmohamadi
Applied Energy 290, 116802, 2021
Stochastic optimization for retailers with distributed wind generation considering demand response
H Golmohamadi, R Keypour
Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy 6 (4), 733–748, 2018
Demand-Side Flexibility in Power Systems: A Survey of Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural Sectors
H Golmohamadi
Sustainability 14 (13), 7916, 2022
Retail Energy Management in Electricity Markets: Structure, Challenges and Economic Aspects- a Review
H Golmohamadi, R Keypour
Technology and Economics of Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy 2 (1), 1-15, 2017
A multi-stage stochastic energy management of responsive irrigation pumps in dynamic electricity markets
H Golmohamadi, A Asadi
Applied energy 265, 114804, 2020
Probabilistic optimization of networked multi-carrier microgrids to enhance resilience leveraging demand response programs
M Azimian, V Amir, R Habibifar, H Golmohamadi
Sustainability 13 (11), 5792, 2021
A bi-level robust optimization model to determine retail electricity price in presence of a significant number of invisible solar sites
H Golmohamadi, R Keypour
Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks 13, 93-111, 2018
Operational Scheduling of Responsive Prosumer Farms for Day-ahead Peak Shaving by Agricultural Demand Response Aggregators
H Golmohamadi
International Journal of Energy Research 45 (1), 938-960, 2021
Stochastic energy optimization of residential heat pumps in uncertain electricity markets
H Golmohamadi
Applied Energy 303, 117629, 2021
Eco-emission analysis of multi-carrier microgrid integrated with compressed air and power-to-gas energy storage technologies
K Hamedi, S Sadeghi, S Esfandi, M Azimian, H Golmohamadi
Sustainability 13 (9), 4681, 2021
Hierarchical Flexibility Potentials of Residential Buildings with Responsive Heat Pumps: a Case Study of Denmark
H Golmohamadi, KG Larsen, PG Jensen, I Hasrat
Journal of Building Engineering 41, 102425, 2021
Optimization of green energy portfolio in retail market using stochastic programming
H Golmohamadi, R Keypour, A Hassanpour, M Davoudi
North American Power Symposium (NAPS), 2015, 1-6, 2015
Risk-based maintenance scheduling of generating units in the deregulated environment considering transmission network congestion
H Golmohamadi, M Ramezani, A Bashian, H Falaghi
Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy 2 (2), 150-162, 2014
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