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Dr. Haitham Bahaidarah
Dr. Haitham Bahaidarah
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Trích dẫn bởi
Performance evaluation of a PV (photovoltaic) module by back surface water cooling for hot climatic conditions
H Bahaidarah, A Subhan, P Gandhidasan, S Rehman
Energy 59, 445-453, 2013
Uniform cooling of photovoltaic panels: A review
HMS Bahaidarah, AAB Baloch, P Gandhidasan
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 57, 1520-1544, 2016
Liquid desiccant materials and dehumidifiers–A review
MM Rafique, P Gandhidasan, HMS Bahaidarah
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 56, 179-195, 2016
Experimental and numerical performance analysis of a converging channel heat exchanger for PV cooling
AAB Baloch, HMS Bahaidarah, P Gandhidasan, FA Al-Sulaiman
Energy conversion and management 103, 14-27, 2015
Structural stability of metal organic frameworks in aqueous media–controlling factors and methods to improve hydrostability and hydrothermal cyclic stability
N ul Qadir, SAM Said, HM Bahaidarah
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 201, 61-90, 2015
Entropy analysis of Powell–Eyring hybrid nanofluid including effect of linear thermal radiation and viscous dissipation
A Aziz, W Jamshed, T Aziz, HMS Bahaidarah, K Ur Rehman
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 143 (2), 1331-1343, 2021
Experimental performance evaluation and modeling of jet impingement cooling for thermal management of photovoltaics
HMS Bahaidarah
Solar Energy 135, 605-617, 2016
Numerical study of heat and momentum transfer in channels with wavy walls
HMS Bahaidarah, NK Anand, HC Chen
Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A 47 (5), 417-439, 2005
A numerical study of fluid flow and heat transfer over a bank of flat tubes
HMS Bahaidarah, NK Anand, HC Chen
Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications 48 (4), 359-385, 2005
A combined optical, thermal and electrical performance study of a V-trough PV system—experimental and analytical investigations
HM Bahaidarah, B Tanweer, P Gandhidasan, S Rehman
Energies 8 (4), 2803-2827, 2015
Experimental and numerical study on non-concentrating and symmetric unglazed compound parabolic photovoltaic concentration systems
HM Bahaidarah, B Tanweer, P Gandhidasan, N Ibrahim, S Rehman
Applied Energy 136, 527-536, 2014
Vertical axis wind turbine aerodynamics: Summary and review of momentum models
AA Mohammed, HM Ouakad, AZ Sahin, HMS Bahaidarah
Journal of Energy Resources Technology 141 (5), 050801, 2019
A numerical study of fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in channels with staggered wavy walls
HMS Bahaidarah
Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications 51 (9), 877-898, 2007
Numerical study of fluid flow and heat transfer over a series of in-line noncircular tubes confined in a parallel-plate channel
HMS Bahaidarah, M Ijaz, NK Anand
Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B: Fundamentals 50 (2), 97-119, 2006
Enabling private sector investment in off-grid electrification for cleaner production: Optimum designing and achievable rate of unit electricity
MM Rafique, HMS Bahaidarah, MK Anwar
Journal of Cleaner Production 206, 508-523, 2019
Performance evaluation of a PV module under climatic conditions of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
H Bahaidarah, S Rehman, A Subhan, P Gandhidasan, H Baig
Energy exploration & exploitation 33 (6), 909-929, 2015
A comparative study on the effect of glazing and cooling for compound parabolic concentrator PV systems–Experimental and analytical investigations
HM Bahaidarah, P Gandhidasan, AAB Baloch, B Tanweer, M Mahmood
Energy conversion and management 129, 227-239, 2016
Experimental evaluation of the performance of a photovoltaic panel with water cooling
HM Bahaidarah, S Rehman, P Gandhidasan, B Tanweer
2013 IEEE 39th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2987-2991, 2013
Gyrotactic bioconvection stratified flow of magnetized micropolar nanoliquid configured by stretchable radiating surface with Joule heating and viscous dissipation
M Waqas, MA Sadiq, HMS Bahaidarah
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 138, 106229, 2022
An innovative closed-air closed-desiccant HDH system to extract water from the air: A case for zero-brine discharge system
MA Ahmed, SM Zubair, MA Abido, HM Bahaidarah
Desalination 445, 236-248, 2018
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