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Hieu Nguyen-Van
Hieu Nguyen-Van
HCMC University of Architecture
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Trích dẫn bởi
Geometrically nonlinear isogeometric analysis of laminated composite plates based on higher-order shear deformation theory
LV Tran, J Lee, H Nguyen-Van, H Nguyen-Xuan, MA Wahab
International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 72, 42-52, 2015
Buckling and vibration analysis of laminated composite plate/shell structures via a smoothed quadrilateral flat shell element with in-plane rotations
H Nguyen-Van, N Mai-Duy, W Karunasena, T Tran-Cong
Computers & structures 89 (7-8), 612-625, 2011
Free vibration analysis of laminated plate/shell structures based on FSDT with a stabilized nodal-integrated quadrilateral element
H Nguyen-Van, N Mai-Duy, T Tran-Cong
Journal of Sound and Vibration 313 (1-2), 205-223, 2008
A cell-based smoothed three-node Mindlin plate element (CS-MIN3) for static and free vibration analyses of plates
T Nguyen-Thoi, P Phung-Van, H Luong-Van, H Nguyen-Van, ...
Computational Mechanics 51, 65-81, 2013
A smoothed four-node piezoelectric element for analysis of two-dimensional smart structures
H Nguyen-Van, N Mai-Duy, T Tran-Cong
CMES Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences 23 (3), 209-222, 2008
A novel quadrilateral element for analysis of functionally graded porous plates/shells reinforced by graphene platelets
HL Ton-That, H Nguyen-Van, T Chau-Dinh
Archive of Applied Mechanics 91, 2435-2466, 2021
Geometrically nonlinear analysis of composite plates and shells via a quadrilateral element with good coarse-mesh accuracy
H Nguyen-Van, N Nguyen-Hoai, T Chau-Dinh, T Nguyen-Thoi
Composite structures 112, 327-338, 2014
An improved quadrilateral flat element with drilling degrees of freedom for shell structural analysis
H Nguyen-Van, N Mai-Duy, T Tran-Cong
CMES Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences 49 (2), 81-110, 2009
A new statistical equation for predicting nonlinear time history displacement of seismic isolation systems
ND Dao, H Nguyen-Van, THA Nguyen, AB Chung
Structures 24, 177-190, 2020
Nonlinear bending analysis of functionally graded plates using SQ4T elements based on twice interpolation strategy
HL Ton That, H Nguyen-Van, T Chau-Dinh
Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics 6 (1), 125-136, 2020
A simple and accurate four-node quadrilateral element using stabilized nodal integration for laminated plates
H Nguyen-Van, N Mai-Duy, T Tran-Cong
Computers, Materials and Continua 6 (3), 159-176, 2007
Evaluating simplified models in predicting global seismic responses of a shake table–test building isolated by triple friction pendulum bearings
ND Dao, KL Ryan, H Nguyen‐Van
Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 48 (6), 594-610, 2019
A refined quasi-3D logarithmic shear deformation theory-based effective meshfree method for analysis of functionally graded plates resting on the elastic foundation
TV Vu, HTT Nguyen, H Nguyen-Van, TP Nguyen, JL Curiel-Sosa
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 131, 174-193, 2021
Enhancement to four-node quadrilateral plate elements by using cell-based smoothed strains and higher-order shear deformation theory for nonlinear analysis of composite structures
LT That-Hoang, H Nguyen-Van, T Chau-Dinh, C Huynh-Van
Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials 22 (7), 2302-2329, 2020
Meshfree analysis of functionally graded plates with a novel four-unknown arctangent exponential shear deformation theory
TV Vu, H Nguyen-Van, CH Nguyen, TP Nguyen, JL Curiel-Sosa
Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines 51 (2), 1082-1114, 2023
An improved four-node element for analysis of composite plate/shell structures based on twice interpolation strategy
HL Ton-That, H Nguyen-Van, T Chau-Dinh
International Journal of Computational Methods 17 (06), 1950020, 2020
Nonlinear static bending analysis of functionally graded plates using MISQ24 elements with drilling rotations
H Nguyen-Van, HL Ton-That, T Chau-Dinh, ND Dao
Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computational …, 2018
Large deflection analysis of plates and cylindrical shells by an efficient four-node flat element with mesh distortions
H Nguyen-Van, N Nguyen-Hoai, T Chau-Dinh, T Tran-Cong
Acta Mechanica 226, 2693-2713, 2015
A combined strain element in static, frequency and buckling analyses of laminated composite plates and shells
HL Ton-That, H Nguyen-Van
Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering 65 (1), 56-71, 2021
Elastic lateral-torsional buckling of tapered I-girder with corrugated webs
ND Nguyen, H Nguyen-Van, SY Han, JH Choi, YJ Kang
International Journal of Steel Structures 13, 71-79, 2013
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