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Bui Thanh Khoa
Bui Thanh Khoa
Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
The Antecedents of Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty: A Case of the Designed Fashion Product
BT Khoa
The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business (JAFEB) 7 (2), 195-204, 2020
The relationship between the perceived mental benefits, online trust, and personal information disclosure in online shopping
The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business 6 (4), 261-270, 2019
Customer Electronic Loyalty towards Online Business: The role of Online Trust, Perceived Mental Benefits and Hedonic Value
MH Nguyen, BT Khoa
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The Impact of the Personal Data Disclosure's Tradeoff on the Trust and Attitude Loyalty in Mobile Banking Services
BT Khoa
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Perceived mental benefit in electronic commerce: Development and validation
MH Nguyen, BT Khoa
Sustainability 11 (23), 6587, 2019
The role of mobile skillfulness and user innovation toward electronic wallet acceptance in the digital transformation era
BT Khoa
2020 international conference on information technology systems and …, 2020
Lecturers' adoption to use the online Learning Management System (LMS): Empirical evidence from TAM2 model for Vietnam
BT Khoa, MH Nguyen, VHN Tran, HB Nguyen
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Factors affecting Customer Relationship and the Repurchase Intention of Designed Fashion Products
BT Khoa, TD Nguyen, VTT Nguyen
The Journal of Distribution Science 18 (2), 17-28, 2020
Improving the Competitiveness of Exporting Enterprises: A Case of Kien Giang Province in Vietnam
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A Study on the Chain of Cost - Values – Online Trust: Applications in Mobile Commerce in Vietnam
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Electronic Loyalty In Social Commerce: Scale Development and Validation
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Capital Structure and Trade-Off Theory: Evidence from Vietnam
The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics, and Business 8 (1), 45-52, 2021
The impact of Social Media Marketing on the Travel Intention of Z Travelers
BT Khoa, NM Ly, VTT Uyen, NTT Oanh, BT Long
2021 IEEE International IOT, Electronics and Mechatronics Conference …, 2021
Customer loyalty in the Covid-19 pandemic: the application of machine learning in survey data
BT Khoa, NTT Oanh, VTT Uyen, DCH Dung
Smart Systems: Innovations in Computing, 419-429, 2022
The Accommodation Services Booking Intention Through the Mobile Applications of Generation Y: An Empirical Evidence Based on TAM2 Model
BT Khoa, NM Ha, BH Ngoc
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Electronic Loyalty in the Relationship between Consumer Habits, Groupon Website Reputation, and Online Trust: A Case of the Groupon Transaction
BT Khoa
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology 98 (24), 3947-3960, 2020
The relationship between perceived value and peer engagement in sharing economy: a case study of ridesharing services
BT Khoa, LT Huynh, MH Nguyen
Journal of System and Management Sciences 10 (4), 149-172, 2020
The Impact of Chatbots on the Relationship between Integrated Marketing Communication and Online Purchasing Behavior in The Frontier Market
BT Khoa
Jurnal The Messenger 13 (1), 19-32, 2021
The Impact of Electronic Word-Of-Mouth on Admission Intention to Private University
BT Khoa, T Khanh
Test Engineering and Management 83 (May -June, 2020), 14956-14970, 2020
The Google Advertising Service Adoption Behavior of Enterprise in the Digital Transformation Age
NM Ha, BT Khoa
Webology 18 (Special Issue 02), 153-170, 2021
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