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Saad Shauket Sammen
Saad Shauket Sammen
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Trích dẫn bởi
Rainfall-runoff modelling using improved machine learning methods: Harris hawks optimizer vs. particle swarm optimization
Y Tikhamarine, D Souag-Gamane, AN Ahmed, SS Sammen, O Kisi, ...
Journal of Hydrology 589, 125133, 2020
Evolutionary computational intelligence algorithm coupled with self-tuning predictive model for water quality index determination
SI Abba, SJ Hadi, SS Sammen, SQ Salih, RA Abdulkadir, QB Pham, ...
Journal of Hydrology 587, 124974, 2020
Estimation of SPEI meteorological drought using machine learning algorithms
A Mokhtar, M Jalali, H He, N Al-Ansari, A Elbeltagi, K Alsafadi, HG Abdo, ...
IEEE Access 9, 65503-65523, 2021
Estimation of total dissolved solids (TDS) using new hybrid machine learning models
FB Banadkooki, M Ehteram, F Panahi, SS Sammen, FB Othman, ...
Journal of Hydrology 587, 124989, 2020
Prediction of meteorological drought by using hybrid support vector regression optimized with HHO versus PSO algorithms
A Malik, Y Tikhamarine, SS Sammen, SI Abba, S Shahid
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 39139-39158, 2021
Non-linear input variable selection approach integrated with non-tuned data intelligence model for streamflow pattern simulation
SJ Hadi, SI Abba, SS Sammen, SQ Salih, N Al-Ansari, ZM Yaseen
IEEE Access 7, 141533-141548, 2019
Zoning map for drought prediction using integrated machine learning models with a nomadic people optimization algorithm
S Mohamadi, SS Sammen, F Panahi, M Ehteram, O Kisi, A Mosavi, ...
Natural Hazards 104, 537-579, 2020
Enhanced artificial neural network with Harris hawks optimization for predicting scour depth downstream of ski-jump spillway
SS Sammen, MA Ghorbani, A Malik, Y Tikhamarine, M AmirRahmani, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (15), 5160, 2020
Monthly evapotranspiration estimation using optimal climatic parameters: efficacy of hybrid support vector regression integrated with whale optimization algorithm
Y Tikhamarine, A Malik, K Pandey, SS Sammen, D Souag-Gamane, ...
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 192, 1-19, 2020
Support vector regression integrated with novel meta-heuristic algorithms for meteorological drought prediction
A Malik, Y Tikhamarine, D Souag-Gamane, P Rai, SS Sammen, O Kisi
Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 133, 891-909, 2021
Application of soft computing to predict water quality in wetland
QB Pham, R Mohammadpour, NTT Linh, M Mohajane, A Pourjasem, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 185-200, 2021
An evaluation of existent methods for estimation of embankment dam breach parameters
SS Sammen, TA Mohamed, AH Ghazali, LM Sidek, A El-Shafie
Natural Hazards 87, 545-566, 2017
Prediction of daily water level using new hybridized GS-GMDH and ANFIS-FCM models
I Ebtehaj, SS Sammen, LM Sidek, A Malik, P Sihag, AMS Al-Janabi, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 15 (1), 1343-1361, 2021
Daily pan-evaporation estimation in different agro-climatic zones using novel hybrid support vector regression optimized by Salp swarm algorithm in conjunction with gamma test
A Malik, Y Tikhamarine, N Al-Ansari, S Shahid, HS Sekhon, RK Pal, P Rai, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 15 (1), 1075-1094, 2021
Generalized regression neural network for prediction of peak outflow from dam breach
SSH Sammen, TA Mohamed, AH Ghazali, AH El-Shafie, LM Sidek
Water Resources Management 31, 549-562, 2017
A new soft computing model for daily streamflow forecasting
SS Sammen, M Ehteram, SI Abba, RA Abdulkadir, AN Ahmed, A El-Shafie
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 35 (12), 2479-2491, 2021
Comparative implementation between neuro-emotional genetic algorithm and novel ensemble computing techniques for modelling dissolved oxygen concentration
SI Abba, RA Abdulkadir, SS Sammen, AG Usman, SG Meshram, A Malik, ...
Hydrological Sciences Journal 66 (10), 1584-1596, 2021
Application of biochar for improving physical, chemical, and hydrological soil properties: a systematic review
S Ahmad Bhat, A Kuriqi, MUD Dar, O Bhat, SS Sammen, ...
Sustainability 14 (17), 11104, 2022
Using machine learning models to predict hydroponically grown lettuce yield
A Mokhtar, W El-Ssawy, H He, N Al-Anasari, SS Sammen, Y Gyasi-Agyei, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 13, 706042, 2022
Integrating feature extraction approaches with hybrid emotional neural networks for water quality index modeling
SI Abba, RA Abdulkadir, SS Sammen, QB Pham, AA Lawan, P Esmaili, ...
Applied Soft Computing 114, 108036, 2022
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