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Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, King Khalid University, Abha 61421, Kingdom of
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Trích dẫn bởi
Modeling groundwater potential zone in a semi-arid region of Aseer using fuzzy-AHP and geoinformation techniques
J Mallick, RA Khan, M Ahmed, SD Alqadhi, M Alsubih, I Falqi, MA Hasan
Water 11 (12), 2656, 2019
A study of factors affecting the flexural tensile strength of concrete
M Ahmed, J Mallick, MA Hasan
Journal of King Saud University-Engineering Sciences 28 (2), 147-156, 2016
Impact, disease outbreak and the eco-hazards associated with pharmaceutical residues: a critical review
AH Khan, HA Aziz, NA Khan, MA Hasan, S Ahmed, IH Farooqi, A Dhingra, ...
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 1-12, 2021
Risk assessment of soil erosion in semi-arid mountainous watershed in Saudi Arabia by RUSLE model coupled with remote sensing and GIS
J Mallick, Y Alashker, SAD Mohammad, M Ahmed, MA Hasan
Geocarto International 29 (8), 915-940, 2014
Agro-nanotechnology as an emerging field: a novel sustainable approach for improving plant growth by reducing biotic stress
M Khan, AU Khan, MA Hasan, KK Yadav, MMC Pinto, N Malik, VK Yadav, ...
Applied Sciences 11 (5), 2282, 2021
Decision support model to select crop pattern for sustainable agricultural practices using fuzzy MCDM
MRN Qureshi, RK Singh, MA Hasan
Environment, development and sustainability 20, 641-659, 2018
An overview of greenhouse gases emissions in Hungary
S Mohammed, AR Gill, K Alsafadi, O Hijazi, KK Yadav, MA Hasan, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 314, 127865, 2021
Evaluating the co-relationship between concrete flexural tensile strength and compressive strength
M Ahmed, KME Hadi, MA Hasan, J Mallick, A Ahmed
International Journal of Structural Engineering 5 (2), 115-131, 2014
Influence of MHD mixed convection flow for maxwell nanofluid through a vertical cone with porous material in the existence of variable heat conductivity and diffusion
R Kodi, C Ganteda, A Dasore, ML Kumar, G Laxmaiah, MA Hasan, ...
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 44, 102875, 2023
The state of the art and emerging trends in the wastewater treatment in developing nations
S Bijekar, HD Padariya, VK Yadav, A Gacem, MA Hasan, NS Awwad, ...
Water 14 (16), 2537, 2022
A review on material mix proportion and strength influence parameters of geopolymer concrete: Application of ANN model for GPC strength prediction
S Paruthi, A Husain, P Alam, AH Khan, MA Hasan, HM Magbool
Construction and Building Materials 356, 129253, 2022
Toxic metal ions contamination in the groundwater, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
I Ali, MA Hasan, OML Alharbi
Journal of Taibah University for Science 14 (1), 1571-1579, 2020
Evaluating usability of academic websites through a fuzzy analytical hierarchical process
AH Muhammad, A Siddique, QN Naveed, U Khaliq, AM Aseere, ...
Sustainability 13 (4), 2040, 2021
3D-analysis of soil-foundation-structure interaction in layered soil
M Ahmed, MH Mohamed, J Mallick, MA Hasan
Open Journal of Civil Engineering 4 (04), 373, 2014
Assessing erosion prone areas in a watershed using interval rough-analytical hierarchy process (IR-AHP) and fuzzy logic (FL)
SG Meshram, VP Singh, E Kahya, M Sepehri, C Meshram, MA Hasan, ...
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 1-16, 2022
Internet of Things and it’s application in industry 4.0 for smart waste management
MA Hasan, K Raghuveer, PS Pandey, A Kumar, A Bora, D Jose, ...
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 22 (6), 2368-2378, 2021
Comparative overview of the performance of cementitious and non-cementitious nanomaterials in mortar at normal and elevated temperatures
MA Khan, MK Imam, K Irshad, HM Ali, MA Hasan, S Islam
Nanomaterials 11 (4), 911, 2021
Sustainable cement replacement using waste eggshells: A review on mechanical properties of eggshell concrete and strength prediction using artificial neural network
S Paruthi, AH Khan, A Kumar, F Kumar, MA Hasan, HM Magbool, ...
Case Studies in Construction Materials 18, e02160, 2023
Recent advances on properties and utility of nanomaterials generated from industrial and biological activities
VK Yadav, P Malik, AH Khan, PR Pandit, MA Hasan, MMS Cabral-Pinto, ...
Crystals 11 (6), 634, 2021
Characteristics and photovoltaic applications of Au-doped ZnO–Sm nanoparticle films
M Saleem, K Irshad, S Ur Rehman, MS Javed, MA Hasan, HM Ali, A Ali, ...
Nanomaterials 11 (3), 702, 2021
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