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Abolfazl Jaafari
Abolfazl Jaafari
Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, Tehran, Iran
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Trích dẫn bởi
GIS-based frequency ratio and index of entropy models for landslide susceptibility assessment in the Caspian forest, northern Iran
A Jaafari, A Najafi, HR Pourghasemi, J Rezaeian, A Sattarian
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 11, 909-926, 2014
A novel hybrid approach based on a swarm intelligence optimized extreme learning machine for flash flood susceptibility mapping
D Tien Bui, PTT Ngo, TD Pham, A Jaafari, NQ Minh, PV Hoa, P Samui
Catena 179, 184-196, 2019
A spatially explicit deep learning neural network model for the prediction of landslide susceptibility
D Van Dao, A Jaafari, M Bayat, D Mafi-Gholami, C Qi, H Moayedi, ...
Catena 188, 104451, 2020
Meta optimization of an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system with grey wolf optimizer and biogeography-based optimization algorithms for spatial prediction of landslide …
A Jaafari, M Panahi, BT Pham, H Shahabi, D Tien Bui, F Rezaie, S Lee
Catena 175, 430-445, 2019
Applying population-based evolutionary algorithms and a neuro-fuzzy system for modeling landslide susceptibility
W Chen, M Panahi, P Tsangaratos, H Shahabi, ..., A Jaafari, BB Ahmad
Catena 172, 212-231, 2019
Hybrid artificial intelligence models based on a neuro-fuzzy system and metaheuristic optimization algorithms for spatial prediction of wildfire probability
A Jaafari, EK Zenner, M Panahi, H Shahabi
Agricultural and forest meteorology 266, 198-207, 2019
Prediction success of machine learning methods for flash flood susceptibility mapping in the Tafresh watershed, Iran
S Janizadeh, M Avand, A Jaafari, TV Phong, M Bayat, E Ahmadisharaf, ...
Sustainability 11 (19), 5426, 2019
A novel hybrid intelligent model of support vector machines and the MultiBoost ensemble for landslide susceptibility modeling
BT Pham, A Jaafari, I Prakash, DT Bui
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 78, 2865-2886, 2019
Shallow landslide susceptibility mapping: A comparison between logistic model tree, logistic regression, naïve bayes tree, artificial neural network, and support vector machine …
VH Nhu, A Shirzadi, H Shahabi, SK Singh, N Al-Ansari, JJ Clague, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (8), 2749, 2020
Soft computing ensemble models based on logistic regression for groundwater potential mapping
PT Nguyen, DH Ha, M Avand, A Jaafari, HD Nguyen, N Al-Ansari, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (7), 2469, 2020
Performance evaluation of machine learning methods for forest fire modeling and prediction
BT Pham, A Jaafari, M Avand, N Al-Ansari, T Dinh Du, HPH Yen, ...
Symmetry 12 (6), 1022, 2020
Spatial prediction of landslide susceptibility using gis-based data mining techniques of anfis with whale optimization algorithm (woa) and grey wolf optimizer (gwo)
W Chen, H Hong, M Panahi, H Shahabi, Y Wang, A Shirzadi, S Pirasteh, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (18), 3755, 2019
Wildfire spatial pattern analysis in the Zagros Mountains, Iran: A comparative study of decision tree based classifiers
A Jaafari, EK Zenner, BT Pham
Ecological informatics 43, 200-211, 2018
Hybrid computational intelligence models for groundwater potential mapping
BT Pham, A Jaafari, I Prakash, SK Singh, N Kim Quoc, D Tien Bui
Catena 182, 104101, 2019
A Bayesian modeling of wildfire probability in the Zagros Mountains, Iran
A Jaafari, DM Gholami, EK Zenner
Ecological informatics 39, 32-44, 2017
Groundwater potential mapping combining artificial neural network and real AdaBoost ensemble technique: the DakNong province case-study, Vietnam
PT Nguyen, DH Ha, A Jaafari, HD Nguyen, T Van Phong, N Al-Ansari, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 17 (7), 2473, 2020
Landslide susceptibility mapping using machine learning algorithms and remote sensing data in a tropical environment
VH Nhu, A Mohammadi, H Shahabi, BB Ahmad, N Al-Ansari, A Shirzadi, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (14), 4933, 2020
Spatial prediction of wildfire probability in the Hyrcanian ecoregion using evidential belief function model and GIS
MH Nami, A Jaafari, M Fallah, S Nabiuni
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 15, 373-384, 2018
Shallow landslide susceptibility mapping by random forest base classifier and its ensembles in a semi-arid region of Iran
VH Nhu, A Shirzadi, H Shahabi, W Chen, JJ Clague, M Geertsema, ...
Forests 11 (4), 421, 2020
The feasibility of three prediction techniques of the artificial neural network, adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system, and hybrid particle swarm optimization for assessing the …
H Moayedi, D Tien Bui, M Gör, B Pradhan, A Jaafari
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 8 (9), 391, 2019
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