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Sani Isah Abba
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Wastewater treatment plant performance analysis using artificial intelligence–an ensemble approach
V Nourani, G Elkiran, SI Abba
Water Science and Technology 78 (10), 2064-2076, 2018
Flash-flood susceptibility assessment using multi-criteria decision making and machine learning supported by remote sensing and GIS techniques
R Costache, QB Pham, E Sharifi, NTT Linh, SI Abba, M Vojtek, ...
Remote Sensing 12 (1), 106, 2019
Multi-step ahead modelling of river water quality parameters using ensemble artificial intelligence-based approach
G Elkiran, V Nourani, SI Abba
Journal of Hydrology 577, 123962, 2019
Groundwater level prediction using machine learning models: A comprehensive review
H Tao, MM Hameed, HA Marhoon, M Zounemat-Kermani, S Heddam, ...
Neurocomputing 489, 271-308, 2022
River water modelling prediction using multi-linear regression, artificial neural network, and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system techniques
JA S.I.Abbaa, Sinan Jasim Hadia
Elsevier B.V. Procedia Computer Science 120 (2017) 120, 75–82, 2017
Potential of hybrid data-intelligence algorithms for multi-station modelling of rainfall
QB Pham, SI Abba, AG Usman, NTT Linh, V Gupta, A Malik, R Costache, ...
Water Resources Management 33, 5067-5087, 2019
Evolutionary computational intelligence algorithm coupled with self-tuning predictive model for water quality index determination
SI Abba, SJ Hadi, SS Sammen, SQ Salih, RA Abdulkadir, QB Pham, ...
Journal of Hydrology 587, 124974, 2020
Emerging evolutionary algorithm integrated with kernel principal component analysis for modeling the performance of a water treatment plant
SI Abba, QB Pham, AG Usman, NTT Linh, DS Aliyu, Q Nguyen, QV Bach
Journal of Water Process Engineering 33, 101081, 2020
Effluent prediction of chemical oxygen demand from the astewater treatment plant using artificial neural network application
SI Abba, G Elkiran
Procedia Computer Science 120, 156-163, 2017
Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system coupled with shuffled frog leaping algorithm for predicting river streamflow time series
B Mohammadi, NTT Linh, QB Pham, AN Ahmed, J Vojteková, Y Guan, ...
Hydrological Sciences Journal 65 (10), 1738-1751, 2020
Artificial intelligence-based approaches for multi-station modelling of dissolve oxygen in river
G Elkiran, V Nourani, SI Abba, J Abdullahi
Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management 4 (4), 439-450, 2018
Optimal sizing and techno-economic analysis of hybrid renewable energy systems—A case study of a photovoltaic/wind/battery/diesel system in Fanisau, Northern Nigeria
N Yimen, T Tchotang, A Kanmogne, I Abdelkhalikh Idriss, B Musa, A Aliyu, ...
Processes 8 (11), 1381, 2020
Non-linear input variable selection approach integrated with non-tuned data intelligence model for streamflow pattern simulation
SJ Hadi, SI Abba, SS Sammen, SQ Salih, N Al-Ansari, ZM Yaseen
IEEE Access 7, 141533-141548, 2019
Estimation of water quality index using artificial intelligence approaches and multi-linear regression
MS Gaya, SI Abba, AM Abdu, AI Tukur, MA Saleh, P Esmaili, NA Wahab
Int. J. Artif. Intell. ISSN 2252, 8938, 2020
Prediction of meteorological drought by using hybrid support vector regression optimized with HHO versus PSO algorithms
A Malik, Y Tikhamarine, SS Sammen, SI Abba, S Shahid
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-21, 2021
Implementation of data intelligence models coupled with ensemble machine learning for prediction of water quality index
SI Abba, QB Pham, G Saini, NTT Linh, AN Ahmed, M Mohajane, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27, 41524-41539, 2020
Design and performance evaluation of a low-cost autonomous sensor interface for a smart iot-based irrigation monitoring and control system
S Abba, J Wadumi Namkusong, JA Lee, M Liz Crespo
Sensors 19 (17), 3643, 2019
Implementation of hybrid neuro-fuzzy and self-turning predictive model for the prediction of concrete carbonation depth: A soft computing technique
SI Malami, FH Anwar, S Abdulrahman, SI Haruna, SIA Ali, SI Abba
Results in Engineering 10, 100228, 2021
A Novel Multi‑model Data‑Driven Ensemble Technique for the Prediction of Retention Factor in HPLC Method Development
AG Usman, S Işik, SI Abba
Chromatographia 83, 933–945, 2020
Hybrid machine learning ensemble techniques for modeling dissolved oxygen concentration
SI Abba, NTT Linh, J Abdullahi, SIA Ali, QB Pham, RA Abdulkadir, ...
IEEE Access 8, 157218-157237, 2020
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