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José Machado
José Machado
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Trích dẫn bởi
Variation of wood density and mechanical properties of blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon R. Br.)
JS Machado, JL Louzada, AJA Santos, L Nunes, O Anjos, J Rodrigues, ...
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Cork as a building material: a review
S Knapic, V Oliveira, JS Machado, H Pereira
European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 74, 775-791, 2016
Chestnut wood in compression perpendicular to the grain: Non-destructive correlations for test results in new and old wood
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In-situ assessment of timber structural members: Combining information from visual strength grading and NDT/SDT methods–A review
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Within stem variation of Maritime Pine timber mechanichal properties
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Testing and modeling of a traditional timber mortise and tenon joint
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Reliability analysis of a timber truss system subjected to decay
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Impact of high moisture conditions on the serviceability performance of wood plastic composite decks
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Prediction of mechanical properties by means of semi-destructive methods: A review
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The use of FRP in the strengthening of timber reinforced masonry load-bearing walls
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Non-destructive evaluation of the bending behaviour of in-service pine timber structural elements
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Materials and structures 44, 901-910, 2011
Non-destructive evaluation of the mechanical behavior of chestnut wood in tension and compression parallel to grain
AO Feio, PB Lourenço, JS Machado
International Journal of Architectural Heritage 1 (3), 272-292, 2007
Breast cancer micrometastases: different interactions of carcinoma cells with normal and cancer patients' bone marrow stromata
MHA Nicola, R Bizon, JJS Machado, T Sollero, RS Rodarte, JS Nobre, ...
Clinical & experimental metastasis 20, 471-479, 2003
Assessment of old timber members: Importance of wood species identification and direct tensile test information
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Timber in buildings: Estimation of some properties using Pilodyn and Resistograph
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Avaliaçăo, conservaçăo e reforço de estruturas de madeira
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Verlag Dashofer, 2009
Predicting the density of structural timber members in service. The combine use of wood cores and drill resistance data
MJ Morales Conde, C Rodríguez-Liñán, J Saporiti-Machado
Materiales de Construccion, 64 (315), 1-11., 2014
Ultrasonic indirect method for evaluating clear wood strength and stiffness
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Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Non-destructive Testing in …, 2009
Bending and compression strength of Portuguese Maritime pine small-diameter poles.
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Compressive behavior and NDT correlations for chestnut wood (Castanea sativa Mill.)
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Proceedings of the 4th International Seminar on Structural Analysis of …, 2005
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