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Bekir Yilbas
Bekir Yilbas
Professor Mechanical Engineering KFUPM
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Trích dẫn bởi
Heat transfer enhancement of phase change materials for thermal energy storage applications: A critical review
NI Ibrahim, FA Al-Sulaiman, S Rahman, BS Yilbas, AZ Sahin
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 74, 26-50, 2017
Techno-economic analysis and optimization of solar and wind energy systems for power generation and hydrogen production in Saudi Arabia
A Al-Sharafi, AZ Sahin, T Ayar, BS Yilbas
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 69, 33-49, 2017
Heat transfer and thermal management with PCMs in a Li-ion battery cell for electric vehicles
N Javani, I Dincer, GF Naterer, BS Yilbas
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 72, 690-703, 2014
The thermoelement as thermoelectric power generator: Effect of leg geometry on the efficiency and power generation
AZ Sahin, BS Yilbas
Energy Conversion and Management 65, 26-32, 2013
Influence of adhesive thickness and filler content on the mechanical performance of aluminum single-lap joints bonded with aluminum powder filled epoxy adhesive
R Kahraman, M Sunar, B Yilbas
Journal of materials processing technology 205 (1-3), 183-189, 2008
Friction welding of St Al and Al Cu materials
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Parametric study to improve laser hole drilling process
BS Yilbas
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 70 (1-3), 264-273, 1997
Thermodynamics and thermal stress analysis of thermoelectric power generator: Influence of pin geometry on device performance
AS Al-Merbati, BS Yilbas, AZ Sahin
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Laser cutting quality assessment and thermal efficiency analysis
BS Yilbas
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Quasiballistic heat transfer studied using the frequency-dependent Boltzmann transport equation
AJ Minnich, G Chen, S Mansoor, BS Yilbas
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 84 (23), 235207, 2011
Analytical model for the design of volumetric solar flow receivers
A Veeraragavan, A Lenert, B Yilbas, S Al-Dini, EN Wang
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 55 (4), 556-564, 2012
Superhydrophobic surfaces with antireflection properties for solar applications: A critical review
U Mehmood, FA Al-Sulaiman, BS Yilbas, B Salhi, SHA Ahmed, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 157, 604-623, 2016
Plasma nitriding of Ti 6Al 4V alloy to improve some tribological properties
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Laser welding of low carbon steel and thermal stress analysis
BS Yilbas, AFM Arif, BJA Aleem
Optics & Laser Technology 42 (5), 760-768, 2010
Influence of dust and mud on the optical, chemical and mechanical properties of a pv protective glass
BS Yilbas, H Ali, MM Khaled, N Al-Aqeeli, N Abu-Dheir, KK Varanasi
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Laser heating mechanism including evaporation process initiating laser drilling
BS Yilbaş, AZ Şahin, R Davies
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 35 (7), 1047-1062, 1995
Thermodynamic analysis of a thermoelectric power generator in relation to geometric configuration device pins
H Ali, AZ Sahin, BS Yilbas
Energy conversion and management 78, 634-640, 2014
The erosion–corrosion behaviour of high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) thermally sprayed inconel-625 coatings on different metallic surfaces
HY Al-Fadhli, J Stokes, MSJ Hashmi, BS Yilbas
Surface and Coatings Technology 200 (20-21), 5782-5788, 2006
Study into the Measurement and Prediction of Penetration Time during CO2 Laser Cutting Process
BS Yilbas, R Davies, Z Yilbas
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of …, 1990
Laser-shock processing of steel
BS Yilbas, SZ Shuja, A Arif, MA Gondal
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 135 (1), 6-17, 2003
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