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Jan Balvan
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Cell segmentation methods for label-free contrast microscopy: review and comprehensive comparison
T Vicar, J Balvan, J Jaros, F Jug, R Kolar, M Masarik, J Gumulec
BMC bioinformatics 20, 1-25, 2019
Multimodal holographic microscopy: distinction between apoptosis and oncosis
J Balvan, A Krizova, J Gumulec, M Raudenska, Z Sladek, M Sedlackova, ...
PloS one 10 (3), e0121674, 2015
Cisplatin enhances cell stiffness and decreases invasiveness rate in prostate cancer cells by actin accumulation
M Raudenska, M Kratochvilova, T Vicar, J Gumulec, J Balvan, H Polanska, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1660, 2019
Unexpected therapeutic effects of cisplatin
M Raudenska, J Balvan, M Fojtu, J Gumulec, M Masarik
Metallomics 11 (7), 1182-1199, 2019
Cisplatin-resistant prostate cancer model: Differences in antioxidant system, apoptosis and cell cycle
J Gumulec, J Balvan, M Sztalmachova, M Raudenska, V Dvorakova, ...
International Journal of Oncology 44 (3), 923-933, 2014
The quantitative-phase dynamics of apoptosis and lytic cell death
T Vicar, M Raudenska, J Gumulec, J Balvan
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1566, 2020
Cell death in head and neck cancer pathogenesis and treatment
M Raudenská, J Balvan, M Masařík
Cell Death & Disease 12 (2), 192, 2021
Crosstalk between autophagy inhibitors and endosome-related secretory pathways: a challenge for autophagy-based treatment of solid cancers
M Raudenska, J Balvan, M Masarik
Molecular Cancer 20, 1-27, 2021
Mechanical Properties of cellulose fibers measured by Brillouin spectroscopy
K Elsayad, G Urstöger, C Czibula, C Teichert, J Gumulec, J Balvan, ...
Cellulose 27, 4209-4220, 2020
Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen-Targeted Site-Directed Antibody-Conjugated Apoferritin Nanovehicle Favorably Influences In Vivo Side Effects of Doxorubicin
S Dostalova, H Polanska, M Svobodova, J Balvan, O Krystofova, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 8867, 2018
Oxidative stress resistance in metastatic prostate cancer: Renewal by self-eating
J Balvan, J Gumulec, M Raudenska, A Krizova, P Stepka, P Babula, ...
PLoS One 10 (12), e0145016, 2015
Black phosphorus cytotoxicity assessments pitfalls: advantages and disadvantages of metabolic and morphological assays
M Fojtů, J Balvan, M Raudenská, T Vičar, D Bouša, Z Sofer, M Masařík, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 25 (1), 349-360, 2019
Prognostic significance of the tumour-adjacent tissue in head and neck cancers
M Raudenska, M Sztalmachova, J Gumulec, M Fojtu, H Polanska, ...
Tumor Biology 36, 9929-9939, 2015
Oxidized polysaccharides for anticancer-drug delivery: What is the role of structure?
L Münster, M Fojtů, Z Capáková, M Muchová, L Musilová, T Vaculovič, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 257, 117562, 2021
Co-delivery of VP-16 and Bcl-2-targeted antisense on PEG-grafted oMWCNTs for synergistic in vitro anti-cancer effects in non-small and small cell lung cancer
Z Heger, H Polanska, S Krizkova, J Balvan, M Raudenska, S Dostalova, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 150, 131-140, 2017
Self‐Propelled Magnetic Dendrite‐Shaped Microrobots for Photodynamic Prostate Cancer Therapy
X Peng, M Urso, J Balvan, M Masarik, M Pumera
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61 (48), e202213505, 2022
Effect of zinc (II) ions on the expression of pro-and anti-apoptotic factors in high-grade prostate carcinoma cells
M Sztalmachova, M Hlavna, J Gumulec, M Holubova, P Babula, J Balvan, ...
Oncology reports 28 (3), 806-814, 2012
Molecular response of 4T1-induced mouse mammary tumours and healthy tissues to zinc treatment
M Sztalmachova, J Gumulec, M Raudenska, H Polanska, M Holubova, ...
International journal of oncology 46 (4), 1810-1818, 2015
Caveolin‐1 in oncogenic metabolic symbiosis
M Raudenska, J Gumulec, J Balvan, M Masarik
International journal of cancer 147 (7), 1793-1807, 2020
17β-estradiol-containing liposomes as a novel delivery system for the antisense therapy of ER-positive breast cancer: An in vitro study on the MCF-7 cell line
Z Heger, J Gumulec, N Cernei, K Tmejova, P Kopel, J Balvan, M Masarik, ...
Oncology Reports 33 (2), 921-929, 2015
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