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kashif irshad
kashif irshad
King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals
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Trích dẫn bởi
Comprehensive study on nanofluid and ionanofluid for heat transfer enhancement: A review on current and future perspective
B Bakthavatchalam, K Habib, R Saidur, BB Saha, K Irshad
Journal of Molecular Liquids 305, 112787, 2020
Investigation of MPPT techniques under uniform and non-uniform solar irradiation condition–a retrospection
A Ali, K Almutairi, S Padmanaban, V Tirth, S Algarni, K Irshad, S Islam, ...
Ieee Access 8, 127368-127392, 2020
Performance improvement of empirical models for estimation of global solar radiation in India: A k-fold cross-validation approach
S Saud, B Jamil, Y Upadhyay, K Irshad
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 40, 100768, 2020
Shape-Stabilized Phase Change Materials for Solar Energy Storage: MgO and Mg(OH)2 Mixed with Polyethylene Glycol
MH Zahir, MM Rahman, K Irshad, MM Rahman
Nanomaterials 9 (12), 1773, 2019
Study of thermoelectric and photovoltaic facade system for energy efficient building development: A review
K Irshad, K Habib, R Saidur, MW Kareem, BB Saha
Journal of cleaner production 209, 1376-1395, 2019
Study of a thermoelectric air duct system assisted by photovoltaic wall for space cooling in tropical climate
K Irshad, K Habib, F Basrawi, BB Saha
Energy 119, 504-522, 2017
Performance analysis of a thermoelectric air duct system for energy-efficient buildings
K Irshad, K Habib, N Thirumalaiswamy, BB Saha
Energy 91, 1009-1017, 2015
Concrete with partial substitution of waste glass and recycled concrete aggregate
J Ahmad, R Martínez-García, J de-Prado-Gil, K Irshad, MA El-Shorbagy, ...
Materials 15 (2), 430, 2022
Sustainable and energy efficient hydrogen production via glycerol reforming techniques: A review
F Qureshi, M Yusuf, AA Pasha, HW Khan, B Imteyaz, K Irshad
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 47 (98), 41397-41420, 2022
Performance evaluation of PV-Trombe wall for sustainable building development
K Irshad, K Habib, N Thirumalaiswamy
Procedia Cirp 26, 624-629, 2015
Review of online and soft computing maximum power point tracking techniques under non-uniform solar irradiation conditions
A Ali, K Almutairi, MZ Malik, K Irshad, V Tirth, S Algarni, MH Zahir, S Islam, ...
Energies 13 (12), 3256, 2020
Thermal comfort study of a building equipped with thermoelectric air duct system for tropical climate
K Irshad, K Habib, F Basrawi, N Thirumalaiswamy, R Saidur, BB Saha
Applied Thermal Engineering 91, 1141-1155, 2015
Sizing and life-cycle assessment of building integrated thermoelectric air cooling and photovoltaic wall system
K Irshad, K Habib, S Algarni, BB Saha, B Jamil
Applied Thermal Engineering 154, 302-314, 2019
State-of-the-art ionic liquid & ionanofluids incorporated with advanced nanomaterials for solar energy applications
L Das, F Rubbi, K Habib, N Aslfattahi, R Saidur, BB Saha, S Algarni, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 336, 116563, 2021
Challenges of the application of PCMs to achieve zero energy buildings under hot weather conditions: A review
MH Zahir, K Irshad, M Shafiullah, NI Ibrahim, AKMK Islam, KO Mohaisen, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 64, 107156, 2023
Numerical and experimental study on the performance of a Photovoltaic Trombe wall system with Venetian blinds
N Islam, K Irshad, MH Zahir, S Islam
Energy 218, 119542, 2021
Energy and cost analysis of photo voltaic trombe wall system in tropical climate
K Irshad, K Habib, N Thirumalaiswamy
Energy Procedia 50, 71-78, 2014
An artificial intelligence-based solar radiation prophesy model for green energy utilization in energy management system
F Alassery, A Alzahrani, AI Khan, K Irshad, S Islam
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 52, 102060, 2022
Efficacy of exothermic reaction on the thermal-free convection in a nano-encapsulated phase change materials-loaded enclosure with circular cylinders inside
AA Pasha, T Tayebi, M MottahirAlam, K Irshad, AS Dogonchi, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 59, 106522, 2023
Heat transfer and irreversibility evaluation of non-Newtonian nanofluid density-driven convection within a hexagonal-shaped domain influenced by an inclined magnetic field
AA Pasha, MM Alam, T Tayebi, S Kasim, AS Dogonchi, K Irshad, ...
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 41, 102588, 2023
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