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Randall J. Donohue
Randall J. Donohue
CSIRO Land and Water
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Trích dẫn bởi
Global review and synthesis of trends in observed terrestrial near-surface wind speeds: Implications for evaporation
TR McVicar, ML Roderick, RJ Donohue, LT Li, TG Van Niel, A Thomas, ...
Journal of Hydrology 416, 182-205, 2012
Impact of CO2 fertilization on maximum foliage cover across the globe's warm, arid environments
RJ Donohue, ML Roderick, TR McVicar, GD Farquhar
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On the importance of including vegetation dynamics in Budyko's hydrological model
RJ Donohue, ML Roderick, TR McVicar
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Wind speed climatology and trends for Australia, 1975–2006: Capturing the stilling phenomenon and comparison with near‐surface reanalysis output
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Assessing the ability of potential evaporation formulations to capture the dynamics in evaporative demand within a changing climate
RJ Donohue, TR McVicar, ML Roderick
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RJ Donohue, ML Roderick, TR McVicar
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Climate‐related trends in Australian vegetation cover as inferred from satellite observations, 1981–2006
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Y Yang, ML Roderick, S Zhang, TR McVicar, RJ Donohue
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Assessing the differences in sensitivities of runoff to changes in climatic conditions across a large basin
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Global estimation of effective plant rooting depth: Implications for hydrological modeling
Y Yang, RJ Donohue, TR McVicar
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Less bluster ahead? Ecohydrological implications of global trends of terrestrial near‐surface wind speeds
TR McVicar, ML Roderick, RJ Donohue, TG Van Niel
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RJ Donohue, ML Roderick, TR McVicar
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O Barron, R Silberstein, R Ali, R Donohue, DJ McFarlane, P Davies, ...
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Deriving consistent long-term vegetation information from AVHRR reflectance data using a cover-triangle-based framework
RJ Donohue, ML Roderick, TR McVicar
Remote Sensing of Environment 112 (6), 2938-2949, 2008
Long‐term CO2 fertilization increases vegetation productivity and has little effect on hydrological partitioning in tropical rainforests
Y Yang, RJ Donohue, TR McVicar, ML Roderick, HE Beck
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 121 (8), 2125-2140, 2016
Fractional vegetation cover estimation by using multi-angle vegetation index
X Mu, W Song, Z Gao, TR McVicar, RJ Donohue, G Yan
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Towards a national, remote-sensing-based model for predicting field-scale crop yield
RJ Donohue, RA Lawes, G Mata, D Gobbett, J Ouzman
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The hydrological effects of varying vegetation characteristics in a temperate water-limited basin: Development of the dynamic Budyko-Choudhury-Porporato (dBCP) model
Q Liu, TR McVicar, Z Yang, RJ Donohue, L Liang, Y Yang
Journal of Hydrology 543, 595-611, 2016
Evaluation of the remote-sensing-based DIFFUSE model for estimating photosynthesis of vegetation
RJ Donohue, IH Hume, ML Roderick, TR McVicar, J Beringer, LB Hutley, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 155, 349-365, 2014
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