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Trích dẫn bởi
Evaluation of wind energy potential and electricity generation at six locations in Turkey
A Ucar, F Balo
Applied Energy 86 (10), 1864-1872, 2009
Determination of the energy savings and the optimum insulation thickness in the four different insulated exterior walls
A Ucar, F Balo
Renewable Energy 35 (1), 88-94, 2010
Effect of fuel type on the optimum thickness of selected insulation materials for the four different climatic regions of Turkey
A Ucar, F Balo
Applied Energy 86 (5), 730-736, 2009
Investigation of wind characteristics and assessment of wind-generation potentiality in Uludağ-Bursa, Turkey
A Ucar, F Balo
Applied energy 86 (3), 333-339, 2009
Assessment of wind power potential for turbine installation in coastal areas of Turkey
A Ucar, F Balo
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 14 (7), 1901-1912, 2010
The selection of the best solar panel for the photovoltaic system design by using AHP
F Balo, L Şağbanşua
Energy Procedia 100, 50-53, 2016
Feasibility study of “green” insulation materials including tall oil: Environmental, economical and thermal properties
F Balo
Energy and Buildings 86, 161-175, 2015
Internet of things: a survey
B Torğul, L Şağbanşua, FB Balo
International Journal of Applied Mathematics Electronics and Computers, 104-110, 2016
A seasonal analysis of wind turbine characteristics and wind power potential in Manisa, Turkey
A Ucar, F Balo
International Journal of Green Energy 5 (6), 466-479, 2008
Decision making model development in increasing wind farm energy efficiency
L Sagbansua, F Balo
Renewable Energy 109, 354-362, 2017
A new integrated grey MCDM model: Case of warehouse location selection
A Ulutaş, F Balo, L Sua, E Demir, A Topal, V Jakovljević
Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical Engineering, 2021
Ecological impact & financial feasibility of Energy Recovery (EIFFER) Model for natural insulation material optimization
L Sagbansua, F Balo
Energy and Buildings 148, 1-14, 2017
Determination of environmental impact and optimum thickness of insulation for building walls
A Ucar, F Balo
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 30 (1), 113-122, 2011
Identifying the most efficient natural fibre for common commercial building insulation materials with an integrated PSI, MEREC, LOPCOW and MCRAT model
A Ulutaş, F Balo, A Topal
Polymers 15 (6), 1500, 2023
Multi-criteria decision making for 1.5 MW wind turbine selection
L Şağbanşua, F Balo
Procedia computer science 111, 413-419, 2017
Energy and economic analyses of insulated exterior walls for four different cities in Turkey
F Balo
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research …, 2011
Development of the insulation materials from coal fly ash, perlite, clay and linseed oil
F Balo, A Ucar, HL Yucel
Ceramics-Silikaty 54 (2), 182-191, 2010
A new hybrid MCDM model for insulation material evaluation for healthier environment
B Aksakal, A Ulutaş, F Balo, D Karabasevic
Buildings 12 (5), 655, 2022
Application of three different methods for determination of optimum insulation thickness in external walls
A Ucar, M Inalli, F Balo
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 30 (4), 709-719, 2011
Castor oil-based building materials reinforced with fly ash, clay, expanded perlite and pumice powder
F Balo
Ceramics-Silikáty 55 (3), 280-293, 2011
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