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Mohammad Amin Maddah
Mohammad Amin Maddah
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Trích dẫn bởi
Forecastability of a heavy precipitation event at different lead-times using WRF model: the case study in Karkheh River basin
MA Maddah, AM Akhoond-Ali, F Ahmadi, P Ghafarian, IN Rusin
Acta Geophysica 69 (5), 1979–1995, 2021
Development of Wavelet-Kstar Algorithm Hybrid Model for the Monthly Precipitation Prediction (Case Study: Synoptic Station of Ahvaz)
F Ahmadi, MA Maddah
Iranian Journal of Soil and Water Research 52 (2), 409-420, 2021
Torrential Rain Forecast using the Mesoscale Model WRF-ARW
VV Guryanov, MA Maddah, YP Perevedentsev
Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia 11 (Spl.Edn.2), 181-187, 2014
Simulating urban surface runoff and prioritizing low-impact development methods using the SWMM model (case study: Neyshabur)
E Hesari, AM Akhoond-Ali, MA Maddah
Water and Irrigation Management, 2024
WRF prediction of an atmospheric river‐related precipitation event: Sensitivity to cumulus parameterization schemes
MA Maddah, S Mostamandi
Meteorological Applications 31 (1), e2160, 2024
Ensemble forecasting and flood warning in Dez Dam Reservoir using GEFSv12 Re-forecast temperature and precipitation data
A Eidipour, AM Akhondali, MA Maddah
Irrigation and Water Engineering 14 (1), 308-326, 2023
Forecasting the impact of Climate Change on the Meteorological Parameters Using GCMs Output with the Help of Artificial Neural Network (Case Study: Shiraz Synoptic Station)
N Rahimi, MA Maddah, AM Akhoond-Ali
Iranian Journal of Irrigation & Drainage 16 (6), 1157-1170, 2023
A review of the WRF-ARW numerical model's performance as a tool for precipitation simulations over Iran
MA Maddah, F Parhizkar
Water and Irrigation Management 11 (3), 561-573, 2021
Use of analytical data and intelligent models in runoff precipitation simulation (Case study: Bazoft basin)
B Zaki, ALM Akhoond-Ali, M Fathi-Moghadam, MA Maddah
Irrigation Sciences and Engineering, 2021
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