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Amy E. Duchelle
Amy E. Duchelle
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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Trích dẫn bởi
Land tenure and REDD+: The good, the bad and the ugly
AM Larson, M Brockhaus, WD Sunderlin, A Duchelle, A Babon, T Dokken, ...
Global environmental change 23 (3), 678-689, 2013
How are REDD+ proponents addressing tenure problems? Evidence from Brazil, Cameroon, Tanzania, Indonesia, and Vietnam
WD Sunderlin, AM Larson, AE Duchelle, IAP Resosudarmo, TB Huynh, ...
World Development 55, 37-52, 2014
Linking forest tenure reform, environmental compliance, and incentives: lessons from REDD+ initiatives in the Brazilian Amazon
AE Duchelle, M Cromberg, MF Gebara, R Guerra, T Melo, A Larson, ...
World Development 55, 53-67, 2014
REDD+ on the ground: A case book of subnational initiatives across the globe
EO Sills, SS Atmadja, C de Sassi, AE Duchelle, DL Kweka, ...
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Roads as drivers of change: Trajectories across the tri-national frontier in MAP, the southwestern Amazon
J Southworth, M Marsik, Y Qiu, S Perz, G Cumming, F Stevens, K Rocha, ...
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What is REDD+ achieving on the ground?
AE Duchelle, G Simonet, WD Sunderlin, S Wunder
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 32, 134-140, 2018
Effectiveness of a REDD+ project in reducing deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
G Simonet, J Subervie, D Ezzine‐de‐Blas, M Cromberg, AE Duchelle
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 101 (1), 211-229, 2019
Learning from REDD+: a response to Fletcher et al.
A Angelsen, M Brockhaus, AE Duchelle, A Larson, C Martius, ...
Conservation Biology 31 (3), 718-720, 2017
The challenge of establishing REDD+ on the ground: Insights from 23 subnational initiatives in six countries
WD Sunderlin, AD Ekaputri, EO Sills, AE Duchelle, D Kweka, R Diprose, ...
CIFOR, 2014
Jurisdictional approaches to REDD+ and low emissions development: Progress and prospects
W Boyd, C Stickler, AE Duchelle, F Seymour, D Nepstad, NHA Bahar, ...
Washington, DC: World Resources Institute, 1-14, 2018
The role of women in early REDD+ implementation: lessons for future engagement
AM Larson, T Dokken, AE Duchelle, S Atmadja, IAP Resosudarmo, ...
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Transforming REDD+: Lessons and new directions
A Angelsen, C Martius, V De Sy, AE Duchelle, AM Larson, TT Pham
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Balancing carrots and sticks in REDD+ implications for social safeguards
AE Duchelle, C de Sassi, P Jagger, M Cromberg, AM Larson, ...
Ecology and Society 22 (3), 2017
Tenure and forest income: Observations from a global study on forests and poverty
P Jagger, MMK Luckert, AE Duchelle, JF Lund, WD Sunderlin
World Development 64, S43-S55, 2014
Revisiting the ‘cornerstone of Amazonian conservation’: a socioecological assessment of Brazil nut exploitation
MR Guariguata, P Cronkleton, AE Duchelle, PA Zuidema
Biodiversity and Conservation 26, 2007-2027, 2017
REDD+ at a critical juncture: assessing the limits of polycentric governance for achieving climate change mitigation
WD Sunderlin, EO Sills, AE Duchelle, AD Ekaputri, D Kweka, MA Toniolo, ...
International Forestry Review 17 (4), 400-413, 2015
Multilevel governance challenges in transitioning towards a national approach for REDD+: evidence from 23 subnational REDD+ initiatives
A Ravikumar, A Larson, A Duchelle, R Myers, JG Tovar
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Partnering for greater success: local stakeholders and research in tropical biology and conservation
KA Kainer, ML DiGiano, AE Duchelle, LHO Wadt, E Bruna, JL Dain
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Gender lessons for climate initiatives: A comparative study of REDD+ impacts on subjective wellbeing
AM Larson, D Solis, AE Duchelle, S Atmadja, IAP Resosudarmo, ...
World Development 108, 86-102, 2018
Evaluating the opportunities and limitations to multiple use of Brazil nuts and timber in Western Amazonia
AE Duchelle, MR Guariguata, G Less, MA Albornoz, A Chavez, T Melo
Forest Ecology and Management 268, 39-48, 2012
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