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Sadeq Oleiwi Sulaiman
Sadeq Oleiwi Sulaiman
Professor of Water resources engineering,University of Anbar, Iraq
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Trích dẫn bởi
An enhanced extreme learning machine model for river flow forecasting: state-of-the-art, practical applications in water resource engineering area and future research direction
ZM Yaseen, SO Sulaiman, RC Deo, KW Chau
Journal of Hydrology, 2018
Groundwater level prediction using machine learning models: A comprehensive review
H Tao, MM Hameed, HA Marhoon, M Zounemat-Kermani, S Heddam, ...
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Water resources management and sustainability over the Western desert of Iraq
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Environmental Earth Sciences 78 (16), 495, 2019
Open channel sluice gate scouring parameters prediction: different scenarios of dimensional and non-dimensional input parameters
AA Yousif, SO Sulaiman, L Diop, M Ehteram, S Shahid, N Al-Ansari, ...
Water 11 (2), 353, 2019
Precipitation pattern modeling using cross-station perception: regional investigation
SO Sulaiman, J Shiri, H Shiralizadeh, O Kisi, ZM Yaseen
Environmental Earth Sciences 77 (19), 709, 2018
Minimizing the impacts of desertification in an arid region: a case study of the West Desert of Iraq
KN Sayl, SO Sulaiman, AH Kamel, NS Muhammad, J Abdullah, ...
Advances in Civil Engineering 2021 (1), 5580286, 2021
What is the potential of integrating phase space reconstruction with SVM-FFA data-intelligence model? Application of rainfall forecasting over regional scale
H Tao, SO Sulaiman, ZM Yaseen, H Asadi, SG Meshram, MA Ghorbani
Water Resources Management 32, 3935-3959, 2018
Evaluation of sediment transport empirical equations: case study of the Euphrates River West Iraq
SO Sulaiman, N Al-Ansari, A Shahadha, R Ismaeel, S Mohammad
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 14 (10), 825, 2021
Water requirements of crops under various Kc coefficient approaches by using water evaluation and planning (WEAP)
ABA Najm, IM Abdulhameed, SO Sulaiman
International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics 15 (5), 739-748, 2020
Application of QUAL2K for Water Quality Modeling and Management in the lower reach of the Diyala river
AS Mustafa, SO Sulaiman, SH Shahooth
Iraqi J. Civ. Eng 11, 66-80, 2017
Application of HEC-RAS model to predict sediment transport for Euphrates River from Haditha to Heet 2016
AS Mustafa, SO Sulaiman, KM Al_Alwani
Al-Nahrain Journal for Engineering Sciences 20 (3), 570-577, 2017
Study of the effects of water level depression in Euphrates River on the water quality
AH Kamel, SO Sulaiman, AS Mustaffa
Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture 7 (2), 238, 2013
Estimation of natural streams longitudinal dispersion coefficient using hybrid evolutionary machine learning model
L Goliatt, SO Sulaiman, KM Khedher, AA Farooque, ZM Yaseen
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 15 (1), 1298-1320, 2021
Assessment of water demand in Al-Anbar province-Iraq
AM Noon, HGI Ahmed, SO Sulaiman
Environment and Ecology Research 9 (2), 64-75, 2021
Natural Rivers Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient Simulation Using Hybrid Soft Computing Model
SO Sulaiman, G Al-Dulaimi, H Al Thamiry
2018 11th International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering …, 2019
Evaluate the optimal future demand of water consumption in Al-Anbar province in the west of Iraq
SO Sulaiman, ABA Najm, AH Kamel, N Al-Ansari
International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning 16 (3), 457-462, 2021
Simulation of the flood wave caused by hypothetical failure of the Haditha Dam
HH Mhmood, M Yilmaz, SO Sulaiman
Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research 11 (1), 66-76, 2023
Groundwater quality and sustainability evaluation for irrigation purposes: a case study in an Arid region, Iraq
MY Khudair, AH Kamel, SO Sulaiman, N Al-Ansari
International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning 17 (2), 413-419, 2022
Dew point time series forecasting at the North Dakota
BB Arikan, L Jiechen, IID Sabbah, A Ewees, R Homsi, SO Sulaiman
Knowledge-Based Engineering and Sciences 2 (2), 24-34, 2021
Application of SWAT Model for Sediment Loads from Valleys Transmitted to Haditha Reservoir
AS Mustafa, SO Sulaiman, OM Hussein
Journal of Engineering 22 (1), 184-197, 2016
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