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Ramazan Kahraman
Ramazan Kahraman
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Qatar University
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Trích dẫn bởi
Na2FeP2O7 as a promising iron‐based pyrophosphate cathode for sodium rechargeable batteries: a combined experimental and theoretical study
H Kim, RA Shakoor, C Park, SY Lim, JS Kim, YN Jo, W Cho, K Miyasaka, ...
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Durability characteristics of high and ultra-high performance concretes
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Epoxy coatings modified with a new cerium phosphate inhibitor for smart corrosion protection of steel
Y Morozov, LM Calado, RA Shakoor, R Raj, R Kahraman, MG Taryba, ...
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Advancements in concrete mix designs: high-performance and ultrahigh-performance concretes from 1970 to 2016
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Synthesis and properties of electrodeposited Ni–B–CeO2 composite coatings
RA Shakoor, R Kahraman, US Waware, Y Wang, W Gao
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Properties of electrodeposited Ni–B–Al2O3 composite coatings
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Characterization of untreated and treated male and female date palm leaves
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Multifunctional self-healing polymeric nanocomposite coatings for corrosion inhibition of steel
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Electrochemical behavior of mild and corrosion resistant concrete reinforcing steels
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Microstructure and properties of sol-enhanced Ni-Co-TiO2 nano-composite coatings on mild steel
Y Wang, SL Tay, S Wei, C Xiong, W Gao, RA Shakoor, R Kahraman
Journal of alloys and compounds 649, 222-228, 2015
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