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Santiago C. González-Martínez
Santiago C. González-Martínez
INRAE, UMR1202 BioGeCo: Biodiversity, Genes & Communities, Cestas, France
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Trích dẫn bởi
Potential for evolutionary responses to climate change–evidence from tree populations
FJ Alberto, SN Aitken, R Alía, SC González‐Martínez, H Hänninen, ...
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AJ Eckert, J Van Heerwaarden, JL Wegrzyn, CD Nelson, J Ross-Ibarra, ...
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AJ Eckert, AD Bower, SC GONZÁLEZ‐MARTÍNEZ, JL Wegrzyn, G Coop, ...
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Forests and global change: what can genetics contribute to the major forest management and policy challenges of the twenty-first century?
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SC González-Martínez, R Alía, L Gil
Heredity 89 (3), 199-206, 2002
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