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David Casillas Prez
David Casillas Prez
Assistant Professor, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
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Trch dẫn bởi
A survey on machine learning techniques for routing optimization in SDN
R Amin, E Rojas, A Aqdus, S Ramzan, D Casillas-Perez, JM Arco
IEEE Access 9, 104582-104611, 2021
Machine learning regression and classification methods for fog events prediction
C Castillo-Botn, D Casillas-Prez, C Casanova-Mateo, S Ghimire, ...
Atmospheric Research 272, 106157, 2022
Stacked LSTM sequence-to-sequence autoencoder with feature selection for daily solar radiation prediction: a review and new modeling results
S Ghimire, RC Deo, H Wang, MS Al-Musaylh, D Casillas-Prez, ...
Energies 15 (3), 1061, 2022
3dfcnn: Real-time action recognition using 3d deep neural networks with raw depth information
A Sanchez-Caballero, S de Lpez-Diz, D Fuentes-Jimenez, ...
Multimedia Tools and Applications 81 (17), 24119-24143, 2022
Efficient daily solar radiation prediction with deep learning 4-phase convolutional neural network, dual stage stacked regression and support vector machine CNN-REGST hybrid model
S Ghimire, T Nguyen-Huy, RC Deo, D Casillas-Perez, S Salcedo-Sanz
Sustainable Materials and Technologies 32, e00429, 2022
Boosting solar radiation predictions with global climate models, observational predictors and hybrid deep-machine learning algorithms
S Ghimire, RC Deo, D Casillas-Prez, S Salcedo-Sanz
Applied Energy 316, 119063, 2022
Hybrid deep CNN-SVR algorithm for solar radiation prediction problems in Queensland, Australia
S Ghimire, B Bhandari, D Casillas-Perez, RC Deo, S Salcedo-Sanz
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 112, 104860, 2022
Persistence in complex systems
S Salcedo-Sanz, D Casillas-Prez, J Del Ser, C Casanova-Mateo, ...
Physics Reports 957, 1-73, 2022
Deep learning CNN-LSTM-MLP hybrid fusion model for feature optimizations and daily solar radiation prediction
S Ghimire, RC Deo, D Casillas-Prez, S Salcedo-Sanz, E Sharma, M Ali
Measurement 202, 111759, 2022
Randomization-based machine learning in renewable energy prediction problems: critical literature review, new results and perspectives
J Del Ser, D Casillas-Perez, L Cornejo-Bueno, L Prieto-Godino, ...
Applied Soft Computing 118, 108526, 2022
Analysis and prediction of dammed water level in a hydropower reservoir using machine learning and persistence-based techniques
C Castillo-Botn, D Casillas-Prez, C Casanova-Mateo, ...
Water 12 (6), 1528, 2020
Improved complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition with adaptive noise deep residual model for short-term multi-step solar radiation prediction
S Ghimire, RC Deo, D Casillas-Perez, S Salcedo-Sanz
Renewable Energy 190, 408-424, 2022
Hydro-power production capacity prediction based on machine learning regression techniques
C Condemi, D Casillas-Perez, L Mastroeni, S Jimnez-Fernndez, ...
Knowledge-Based Systems 222, 107012, 2021
Persistence analysis and prediction of low-visibility events at Valladolid Airport, Spain
S Cornejo-Bueno, D Casillas-Prez, L Cornejo-Bueno, MI Chidean, ...
Symmetry 12 (6), 1045, 2020
Simultaneous exercise recognition and evaluation in prescribed routines: Approach to virtual coaches
S Garca-de-Villa, D Casillas-Prez, A Jimnez-Martn, ...
Expert Systems with Applications 199, 116990, 2022
Hybrid convolutional neural network-multilayer perceptron model for solar radiation prediction
S Ghimire, T Nguyen-Huy, R Prasad, RC Deo, D Casillas-Prez, ...
Cognitive Computation 15 (2), 645-671, 2023
A novel approach based on integration of convolutional neural networks and echo state network for daily electricity demand prediction
S Ghimire, T Nguyen-Huy, MS AL-Musaylh, RC Deo, D Casillas-Prez, ...
Energy 275, 127430, 2023
DPDnet: A robust people detector using deep learning with an overhead depth camera
D Fuentes-Jimenez, R Martin-Lopez, C Losada-Gutierrez, ...
Expert Systems with Applications 146, 113168, 2020
Statistical analysis and machine learning prediction of fog-caused low-visibility events at A-8 motor-road in Spain
S Cornejo-Bueno, D Casillas-Prez, L Cornejo-Bueno, MI Chidean, ...
Atmosphere 12 (6), 679, 2021
Analysis, characterization, prediction and attribution of extreme atmospheric events with machine learning: a review
S Salcedo-Sanz, J Prez-Aracil, G Ascenso, J Del Ser, D Casillas-Prez, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2207.07580, 2022
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