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Aziz Izady
Aziz Izady
Senior hydrogeologist - Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
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Trích dẫn bởi
Groundwater conceptualization and modeling using distributed SWAT-based recharge for the semi-arid agricultural Neishaboor plain, Iran
A Izady, K Davary, A Alizadeh, AN Ziaei, S Akhavan, A Alipoor, A Joodavi, ...
Hydrogeology Journal 23 (1), 47–68, 2015
Application of kriging and cokriging in spatial estimation of groundwater quality parameters
A Hooshmand, M Delghandi, A Izady, K Ahmad Aali
African Journal of Agricultural Research 6 (14), 3402-3408, 2011
Application of" panel-data" modeling to predict groundwater levels in the Neishaboor plain, Iran
A Izady, K Davary, A Alizadeh, B Ghahraman, M Sadeghi, ...
Hydrogeology Journal 20 (3), 435, 2012
A framework toward developing a groundwater conceptual model
A Izady, K Davary, A Alizadeh, AN Ziaei, A Alipoor, A Joodavi, ...
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 7, 3611-3631, 2014
Application of NN-ARX model to predict groundwater levels in the Neishaboor Plain, Iran
A Izady, K Davary, A Alizadeh, A Moghaddam Nia, AN Ziaei, ...
Water Resources Management 27, 4773-4794, 2013
A coupled agent-based risk-based optimization model for integrated urban water management
PH Bakhtiari, MR Nikoo, A Izady, N Talebbeydokhti
Sustainable Cities and Society 53, 101922, 2020
An efficient surrogate-based simulation-optimization method for calibrating a regional MODFLOW model
M Chen, A Izady, OA Abdalla
Journal of hydrology 544, 591-603, 2017
A surrogate-based sensitivity quantification and Bayesian inversion of a regional groundwater flow model
M Chen, A Izady, OA Abdalla, M Amerjeed
Journal of Hydrology 557, 826-837, 2018
Mapping groundwater recharge areas using CRD and RIB methods in the semi-arid Neishaboor Plain, Iran
T Ahmadi, AN Ziaei, A Rasoulzadeh, K Davary, K Esmaili, A Izady
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 8, 2921-2935, 2015
A comparison of gap-filling algorithms for eddy covariance fluxes and their drivers
A Mahabbati, J Beringer, M Leopold, I McHugh, J Cleverly, P Isaac, ...
Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems 10 (1), 123-140, 2021
Groundwater recharge estimation in arid hardrock‐alluvium aquifers using combined water‐table fluctuation and groundwater balance approaches
A Izady, OAE Abdalla, A Joodavi, A Karimi, M Chen, A Tompson
Hydrological Processes 31 (19), 3437-3451, 2017
Spatial and temporal dynamics of deep percolation, lag time and recharge in an irrigated semi-arid region
F Nazarieh, H Ansari, AN Ziaei, A Izady, K Davari, P Brunner
Hydrogeology Journal 26 (7), 2507-2520, 2018
Fuzzy multi-objective simulation-optimization of stepped spillways considering flood uncertainty
M Ghorbani Mooselu, MR Nikoo, N Bakhtiari Rayani, A Izady
Water Resources Management 33, 2261-2275, 2019
A critical review of environmental and public health impacts from the activities of evaporation ponds
P Amoatey, A Izady, A Al-Maktoumi, M Chen, I Al-Harthy, K Al-Jabri, ...
Science of the Total Environment 796, 149065, 2021
Estimation of groundwater recharge using various methods in Neishaboor Plain, Iran
T Ahmadi, AN Ziaei, K Davary, A Faridhosseini, A Izady
International Groundwater Symposium, Kuwait Institute for Scientific …, 2012
Development and surrogate-based calibration of a CO2 reservoir model
M Chen, OA Abdalla, A Izady, MR Nikoo, A Al-Maktoumi
Journal of Hydrology 586, 124798, 2020
Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration at Regional – Annual scale using SWAT
A Izady, A Alizadeh, K Davary, AN Ziaei, S Akhavan, M Shafiei
International SWAT Conference, Toulouse, France, 1-14, 2013
Stochastic techno-economic analysis of CO2-circulated geothermal energy production in a closed reservoir system
MM Rajabi, M Chen, A Bozorgpour, A Al-Maktoumi, A Izady
Geothermics 96, 102202, 2021
A review of geothermal energy status and potentials in Middle-East countries
P Amoatey, M Chen, A Al-Maktoumi, A Izady, MS Baawain
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 14, 1-19, 2021
Deriving optimal operational policies for off-stream man-made reservoir considering conjunctive use of surface-and groundwater at the Bar dam reservoir (Iran)
A Joodavi, A Izady, MTK Maroof, M Majidi, R Rossetto
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 31, 100725, 2020
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