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Manoj Jain
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Estimation of soil erosion and sediment yield using GIS
MK Jain, UC Kothyari
Hydrological Sciences Journal 45 (5), 771-786, 2000
Delineation of flood-prone areas using remote sensing techniques
SK Jain, RD Singh, MK Jain, AK Lohani
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Comparison of drought indices for appraisal of drought characteristics in the Ken River Basin
VK Jain, RP Pandey, MK Jain, HR Byun
Weather and climate Extremes 8, 1-11, 2015
Estimation of sediment yield and areas of soil erosion and deposition for watershed prioritization using GIS and remote sensing
MK Jain, D Das
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A GIS based distributed rainfall–runoff model
MK Jain, UC Kothyari, KGR Raju
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Development of overall pavement condition index for urban road network
YU Shah, SS Jain, D Tiwari, MK Jain
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 104, 332-341, 2013
Evaluation of the SCS-CN-based model incorporating antecedent moisture
SK Mishra, MK Jain, VP Singh
Water resources management 18, 567-589, 2004
An Improved I a S Relation Incorporating Antecedent Moisture in SCS-CN Methodology
SK Mishra, RK Sahu, TI Eldho, MK Jain
Water Resources Management 20, 643-660, 2006
Temporal and spatial variability of annual and seasonal rainfall over Ethiopia
N Wagesho, NK Goel, MK Jain
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An advanced soil moisture accounting procedure for SCS curve number method
RK Sahu, SK Mishra, TI Eldho, MK Jain
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DEM-based modelling of surface runoff using diffusion wave equation
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A review of the synthetic unit hydrograph: from the empirical UH to advanced geomorphological methods
PK Singh, SK Mishra, MK Jain
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SK Mishra, RP Pandey, MK Jain, VP Singh
Water resources management 22, 861-876, 2008
Investigation of multi-model spatiotemporal mesoscale drought projections over India under climate change scenario
V Gupta, MK Jain
Journal of Hydrology 567, 489-509, 2018
Catchment area‐based evaluation of the AMC‐dependent SCS‐CN‐based rainfall–runoff models
SK Mishra, MK Jain, RP Pandey, VP Singh
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GIS based distributed model for soil erosion and rate of sediment outflow from catchments
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Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 131 (9), 755-769, 2005
Enhanced Runoff Curve Number Model Incorporating Storm Duration and a Nonlinear Relation
MK Jain, SK Mishra, P Suresh Babu, K Venugopal, VP Singh
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 11 (6), 631-635, 2006
Estimation of sediment yield and areas vulnerable to soil erosion and deposition in a Himalayan watershed using GIS
MK Jain, SK Mishra, RB Shah
Current Science, 213-221, 2010
An assessment of global satellite‐based precipitation datasets in capturing precipitation extremes: A comparison with observed precipitation dataset in India
V Gupta, MK Jain, PK Singh, V Singh
International Journal of Climatology 40 (8), 3667-3688, 2020
Assessment of precipitation extremes in India during the 21st century under SSP1-1.9 mitigation scenarios of CMIP6 GCMs
V Gupta, V Singh, MK Jain
Journal of Hydrology 590, 125422, 2020
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