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Dr. Pradip Kumar Maurya
Dr. Pradip Kumar Maurya
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Trích dẫn bởi
Fluoride contamination, health problems and remediation methods in Asian groundwater: A comprehensive review
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 182, 109362, 2019
Bioaccumulation and potential sources of heavy metal contamination in fish species in River Ganga basin: Possible human health risks evaluation
PK Maurya, DS Malik, KK Yadav, A Kumar, S Kumar, H Kamyab
Toxicology reports 6, 472-481, 2019
Heavy metal concentration in water, sediment, and tissues of fish species (Heteropneustis fossilis and Puntius ticto) from Kali River, India
DS Malik, PK Maurya
Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry 96 (8), 1195-1206, 2014
Bioaccumulation of xenobiotics compound of pesticides in riverine system and its control technique: a critical review
PK Maurya, DS Malik
J. Ind. Pollut. Control 32 (2), 580-594, 2016
Haematological and histological changes in fish Heteropneustes fossilis exposed to pesticides from industrial waste water
PK Maurya, DS Malik, KK Yadav, N Gupta, S Kumar
Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, 2019
An introduction to environmental degradation: Causes, consequence and mitigation
H Maurya, P.K., Ali, S.A., Ahmad, A., Zhou, Q., da Silva Castro, J., Khane ...
In: Environmental Degradation: Causes and Remediation Strategies, Volume 1 …, 2020
Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in tissues of selected fish species from Ganga river, India, and risk assessment for human health
PK Maurya, DS Malik
Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, 2018
Impacts of pesticide application on aquatic environments and fish diversity
DSMAS Pradip Kumar Maurya*
Contaminants in Agriculture and Environment: Health Risks and Remediation 1 …, 2019
Effect of seaweed saps on growth, yield, nutrient uptake and economic improvement of maize (sweet corn)
A Pal, SK Dwivedi, PK Maurya, P Kanwar
Journal of Applied and Natural science 7 (2), 970-975, 2015
Distribution of heavy metals in water, sediments and fish tissue (Heteropneustis fossilis) in Kali River of western UP India
PK Maurya, DS Malik
International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 4 (2), 208-215, 2016
Accumulation and distribution of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticide residues in water, sediments and fishes, Heteropneustis fossilis and Puntius ticto from Kali …
PK Maurya, DS Malik
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences 8 (5), 30-40, 2016
Impacts of land use change on water quality index in the upper Ganges River near Haridwar, Uttarakhand: a GIS-based analysis
PK Maurya, SA Ali, RS Alharbi, KK Yadav, FM Alfaisal, A Ahmad, ...
Water 13 (24), 3572, 2021
Alteration in haematological indices of Heteropneustis fossilis under stress heavy metals pollution in the Kali river, Uttar Pradesh, India
DS Malik, PK Maurya, H Kumar
Int. J. Curr. Res 7, 15567-15573, 2015
Assessment of groundwater geochemistry for drinking and irrigation suitability in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh using GIS-based statistical inference
PK Maurya, SA Ali, SK Zaidi, S Wasi, S Tabrez, LC Malav, P Ditthakit, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 30 (11), 29407-29431, 2023
Evaluation of dietary protein requirement for the growth performance of minor carp, Cirrhinus reba (Hamilton, 1822) fingerlings
AK Yadav, SC Mandal, AB Patel, PK Maurya
Aquaculture research 50 (11), 3343-3349, 2019
Physico-chemical properties of Barua Sagar lake water, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh India
PK Maurya, J Zaidi, A Pal
Elixir Pollution 42, 6355, 2012
Non-invasive method for collection of Clarias magur (Hamilton, 1822) spermatozoa: A novel approach for catfish domestication, aquaculture and conservation
SK Majhi, S Kumar, PK Maurya, V Mohindra, KK Lal
Aquaculture 519, 734737, 2020
Problem associated with breeding of two commercially important catfish Clarias magur (Hamilton, 1822) and Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch, 1974): Alternative approaches for solution
PK Maurya, S Gupta, AK Verma, SK Majhi
Ecol. Environ. Conserv 24 (4), 1754-1758, 2018
Effect of vacuum packaging on the shelf‐life of shrimp analog prepared from Pangasionodon hypophthalmus surimi during refrigerated storage
MB Priyadarshini, RK Majumder, P Maurya
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 46 (3), e16369, 2022
Non-invasive Method for Collection of Clarias magur Spermatozoa for Breeding
SK Majhi, PK Maurya, S Kumar, V Mohindra, KK Lal
Methods X 7, 2020
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