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Maryam Bayatvarkeshi
Maryam Bayatvarkeshi
PhD Candidate
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Groundwater level prediction using machine learning models: A comprehensive review
H Tao, MM Hameed, HA Marhoon, M Zounemat-Kermani, S Heddam, ...
Neurocomputing 489, 271-308, 2022
Effects of slow-release fertilizers on nitrate leaching, its distribution in soil profile, N-use efficiency, and yield in potato crop
H Zareabyaneh, M Bayatvarkeshi
Environmental earth sciences 74, 3385-3393, 2015
Performance evaluation of ANN and ANFIS models for estimating garlic crop evapotranspiration
HZ Abyaneh, AM Nia, MB Varkeshi, S Marofi, O Kisi
Journal of irrigation and drainage engineering 137 (5), 280-286, 2011
Determination of water requirement, single and dual crop coefficient of garlic ('Allium sativum') in the cold semi-arid climate
HZ Abyaneh, MB Varkeshi, A Ghasemi, S Marofi, RA Chayjan
Australian Journal of Crop Science 5 (8), 1050-1054, 2011
Soil temperature estimation using an artificial neural network and co-active neuro-fuzzy inference system in two different climates
H Zare Abyaneh, M Bayat Varkeshi, G Golmohammadi, K Mohammadi
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 9, 1-10, 2016
Forecasting nitrate concentration in groundwater using artificial neural network and linear regression models
A Zare, V Bayat, A Daneshkare
International agrophysics 25 (2), 2011
Modeling soil temperature using air temperature features in diverse climatic conditions with complementary machine learning models
M Bayatvarkeshi, SK Bhagat, K Mohammadi, O Kisi, M Farahani, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 185, 106158, 2021
Investigation into the effects of climate change on reference evapotranspiration using the HadCM3 and LARS-WG
M Bayatvarkeshi, B Zhang, R Fasihi, RM Adnan, O Kisi, X Yuan
Water 12 (3), 666, 2020
A new wavelet conjunction approach for estimation of relative humidity: wavelet principal component analysis combined with ANN
M Bayatvarkeshi, K Mohammadi, O Kisi, R Fasihi
Neural Computing and Applications 32 (9), 4989-5000, 2020
A systematic review on nitrate concentration in water resources of Iran.
S Akhavan, HZ Abyaneh, MB Varkeshi
Iranian Journal of Health and Environment 7 (2), 205-228, 2014
Application of M5 model tree optimized with Excel Solver Platform for water quality parameter estimation
M Bayatvarkeshi, MA Imteaz, O Kisi, M Zarei, ZM Yaseen
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 7347-7364, 2021
Investigating water table depth fluctuations in the Malayer Plain
H Zare Abianeh, M Bayat Varkeshi
Water and Soil Science 22 (2), 173-190, 2012
Developing generalised equation for the calculation of payback period for rainwater harvesting systems
MA Imteaz, M Bayatvarkeshi, MR Karim
Sustainability 13 (8), 4266, 2021
Assessment of groundwater corrosivity in Hamedan Province, Iran using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)
HZ Abyaneh, MB Varkeshi, K Mohammadi, K Howard, S Marofi
Geosciences Journal 15, 433-439, 2011
Evaluation of artificial intelligent and empirical models in estimation of annual runoff
H Zare Abyaneh, M Bayat Varkeshi
Water and Soil 25 (2), 2011
Determination of water requirement and effect of its variations on some quantitative and qualitative traits of sugar beet product.
HZ Abyaneh, E Farrokhi, MB Varkeshi, M Ahmadi
Journal of Sugar Beet 27 (2), 21-27, 2012
Accuracy evaluation of ANN and Neuro-Fuzzy in global solar radiation
AA Sabziparvar, MB Varkeshi
Iranian Journal of Physics Research 10, 347-357, 2010
Trend analysis of annual and seasonal temperature, precipitation and drought in Hamedan province
H Zareabyaneh, M Bayatvarkeshi, V Yazdani
Irrigation and Water Engineering 1 (3), 47-58, 2011
Predicting the performance of Gorgan wastewater treatment plant using ANN-GA, CANFIS, and ANN models
MB Varkeshi, K Godini, M ParsiMehr, M Vafaee
Avicenna Journal of Environmental Health Engineering 6 (2), 92-99, 2019
A mathematical modelling framework for quantifying production of biofuel from waste banana
MA Imteaz, ABMS Hossain, M Bayatvarkeshi
Environment, Development and Sustainability 24 (2), 2010-2021, 2022
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