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Hakan Ahmet Nefeslioğlu
Hakan Ahmet Nefeslioğlu
Eskisehir Technical University
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Trích dẫn bởi
An assessment on the use of logistic regression and artificial neural networks with different sampling strategies for the preparation of landslide susceptibility maps
HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez
Engineering Geology 97 (3-4), 171-191, 2008
Prediction of uniaxial compressive strength of sandstones using petrography-based models
K Zorlu, C Gokceoglu, F Ocakoglu, HA Nefeslioglu, S Acikalin
Engineering Geology 96 (3-4), 141-158, 2008
Estimation of rock modulus: for intact rocks with an artificial neural network and for rock masses with a new empirical equation
H Sonmez, C Gokceoglu, HA Nefeslioglu, A Kayabasi
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 43 (2), 224-235, 2006
An easy-to-use MATLAB program (MamLand) for the assessment of landslide susceptibility using a Mamdani fuzzy algorithm
A Akgun, EA Sezer, HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, B Pradhan
Computers & Geosciences 38 (1), 23-34, 2012
Landslide susceptibility mapping for a part of tectonic Kelkit Valley (Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey)
HA Nefeslioglu, TY Duman, S Durmaz
Geomorphology 94 (3-4), 401-418, 2008
Assessment of landslide susceptibility by decision trees in the metropolitan area of Istanbul, Turkey
Mathematical problems in engineering 2010, 2010
Susceptibility assessments of shallow earthflows triggered by heavy rainfall at three catchments by logistic regression analyses
T Can, HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez, TY Duman
Geomorphology 72 (1-4), 250-271, 2005
The 17 March 2005 Kuzulu landslide (Sivas, Turkey) and landslide-susceptibility map of its near vicinity
C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez, HA Nefeslioglu, TY Duman, T Can
Engineering geology 81 (1), 65-83, 2005
Application of logistic regression for landslide susceptibility zoning of Cekmece Area, Istanbul, Turkey
TY Duman, T Can, C Gokceoglu, HA Nefeslioglu, H Sonmez
Environmental Geology 51, 241-256, 2006
A modified analytical hierarchy process (M-AHP) approach for decision support systems in natural hazard assessments
HA Nefeslioglu, EA Sezer, C Gokceoglu, Z Ayas
Computers & Geosciences 59, 1-8, 2013
Estimating the uniaxial compressive strength of a volcanic bimrock
H Sonmez, C Gokceoglu, EW Medley, E Tuncay, HA Nefeslioglu
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 43 (4), 554-561, 2006
A novel performance assessment approach using photogrammetric techniques for landslide susceptibility mapping with logistic regression, ANN and random forest
E Sevgen, S Kocaman, HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu
Sensors 19 (18), 3940, 2019
Extraction of potential debris source areas by logistic regression technique: a case study from Barla, Besparmak and Kapi mountains (NW Taurids, Turkey)
MC Tunusluoglu, C Gokceoglu, HA Nefeslioglu, H Sonmez
Environmental Geology 54, 9-22, 2008
Implementation of reconstructed geomorphologic units in landslide susceptibility mapping: the Melen Gorge (NW Turkey)
T Gorum, B Gonencgil, C Gokceoglu, HA Nefeslioglu
Natural Hazards 46, 323-351, 2008
Medium-scale hazard mapping for shallow landslide initiation: the Buyukkoy catchment area (Cayeli, Rize, Turkey)
HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez, T Gorum
Landslides 8, 459-483, 2011
A comparative study on indirect determination of degree of weathering of granites from some physical and strength parameters by two soft computing techniques
C Gokceoglu, K Zorlu, S Ceryan, HA Nefeslioglu
Materials Characterization 60 (11), 1317-1327, 2009
Mapping of shallow landslides with object-based image analysis from unmanned aerial vehicle data
R Comert, U Avdan, T Gorum, HA Nefeslioglu
Engineering Geology 260, 105264, 2019
Relationships between volumetric block proportions and overall UCS of a volcanic bimrock
H Sonmez, C Gokceoglu, E Tuncay, EW Medley, HA Nefeslioglu
Felsbau Rock Soil Eng 22, 27-34, 2004
Modification of seed cell sampling strategy for landslide susceptibility mapping: an application from the Eastern part of the Gallipoli Peninsula (Canakkale, Turkey)
G Dagdelenler, HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 75, 575-590, 2016
An assessment on the use of Terra ASTER L3A data in landslide susceptibility mapping
HA Nefeslioglu, BT San, C Gokceoglu, TY Duman
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 14 (1 …, 2012
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