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Adam Milewski
Adam Milewski
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A remote sensing solution for estimating runoff and recharge in arid environments
A Milewski, M Sultan, E Yan, R Becker, A Abdeldayem, F Soliman, ...
Journal of Hydrology 373 (1-2), 1-14, 2009
Assessment and comparison of TMPA satellite precipitation products in varying climatic and topographic regimes in Morocco
A Milewski, R Elkadiri, M Durham
Remote Sensing 7 (5), 5697-5717, 2015
Natural discharge: a key to sustainable utilization of fossil groundwater
M Sultan, E Yan, N Sturchio, A Wagdy, KA Gelil, R Becker, N Manocha, ...
Journal of Hydrology 335 (1-2), 25-36, 2007
Downscaling GRACE TWSA data into high-resolution groundwater level anomaly using machine learning-based models in a glacial aquifer system
WM Seyoum, D Kwon, AM Milewski
Remote Sensing 11 (7), 824, 2019
Hydrologic impacts of engineering projects on the Tigris–Euphrates system and its marshlands
C Jones, M Sultan, E Yan, A Milewski, M Hussein, A Al-Dousari, ...
Journal of Hydrology 353 (1-2), 59-75, 2008
Impact of land use land cover (LULC) change on surface runoff in an increasingly urbanized tropical watershed
IS Astuti, K Sahoo, A Milewski, DR Mishra
Water Resources Management 33 (12), 4087-4103, 2019
Assessment of the consistency among global precipitation products over the United Arab Emirates
Y Wehbe, D Ghebreyesus, M Temimi, A Milewski, A Al Mandous
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 12, 122-135, 2017
Modern recharge to fossil aquifers: geochemical, geophysical, and modeling constraints
M Sultan, S Metwally, A Milewski, D Becker, M Ahmed, W Sauck, ...
Journal of hydrology 403 (1-2), 14-24, 2011
A quantitative assessment of groundwater resources in the Middle East and North Africa region
K Lezzaik, A Milewski
Hydrogeology journal 26 (1), 251-266, 2018
Understanding the relative impacts of natural processes and human activities on the hydrology of the Central Rift Valley lakes, East Africa
WM Seyoum, AM Milewski, MC Durham
Hydrological processes 29 (19), 4312-4324, 2015
Paleoclimate record in the Nubian sandstone aquifer, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
A Abouelmagd, M Sultan, NC Sturchio, F Soliman, M Rashed, M Ahmed, ...
Quaternary research 81 (1), 158-167, 2014
Integration of GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) data with traditional data sets for a better understanding of the time-dependent water partitioning in African …
M Ahmed, M Sultan, J Wahr, E Yan, A Milewski, W Sauck, R Becker, ...
Geology 39 (5), 479-482, 2011
An integrated approach for identifying aquifers in transcurrent fault systems: The Najd shear system of the Arabian Nubian shield
M Sultan, A Wagdy, N Manocha, W Sauck, KA Gelil, AF Youssef, R Becker, ...
Journal of hydrology 349 (3-4), 475-488, 2008
Assessment of the vulnerabilities of the Nubian sandstone fossil aquifer, North Africa
M Sultan, M Ahmed, N Sturchio, YE Yan, A Milewski, R Becker, J Wahr, ...
Academic Press, 2013
Improved methods for estimating local terrestrial water dynamics from GRACE in the Northern High Plains
WM Seyoum, AM Milewski
Advances in water resources 110, 279-290, 2017
The groundwater risk index: Development and application in the Middle East and North Africa region
K Lezzaik, A Milewski, J Mullen
Science of the Total Environment 628, 1149-1164, 2018
Geochemical, isotopic, and remote sensing constraints on the origin and evolution of the Rub Al Khali aquifer system, Arabian Peninsula
M Sultan, N Sturchio, S Al Sefry, A Milewski, R Becker, I Nasr, ...
Journal of Hydrology 356 (1-2), 70-83, 2008
Consistency of precipitation products over the Arabian Peninsula and interactions with soil moisture and water storage
Y Wehbe, M Temimi, DT Ghebreyesus, A Milewski, H Norouzi, E Ibrahim
Hydrological sciences journal 63 (3), 408-425, 2018
Toward a better understanding of palaeoclimatic regimes that recharged the fossil aquifers in North Africa: Inferences from stable isotope and remote sensing data
A Abouelmagd, M Sultan, A Milewski, AE Kehew, NC Sturchio, F Soliman, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 329, 137-149, 2012
Monitoring and comparison of terrestrial water storage changes in the northern high plains using GRACE and in-situ based integrated hydrologic model estimates
WM Seyoum, AM Milewski
Advances in Water Resources 94, 31-44, 2016
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