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Tanzeela Shaheen
Tanzeela Shaheen
Department of Mathematics, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan
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Trích dẫn bởi
Another approach to soft rough sets
M Shabir, MI Ali, T Shaheen
Knowledge-Based Systems 40, 72-80, 2013
A novel approach to decision analysis using dominance-based soft rough sets
T Shaheen, B Mian, M Shabir, F Feng
International Journal of Fuzzy Systems 21, 954-962, 2019
A new methodology for fuzzification of rough sets based on α-indiscernibility
M Shabir, T Shaheen
Fuzzy Sets and Systems 312, 1-16, 2017
Generalized hesitant fuzzy rough sets (GHFRS) and their application in risk analysis
T Shaheen, MI Ali, M Shabir
Soft Computing 24, 14005-14017, 2020
Why do we need q‐rung orthopair fuzzy sets? Some evidence established via mass assignment
T Shaheen, MI Ali, H Toor
International Journal of Intelligent Systems 36 (10), 5493-5505, 2021
Multiple-attribute decision making based on intuitionistic hesitant fuzzy connection set environment
W Ali, T Shaheen, IU Haq, HG Toor, F Akram, S Jafari, MZ Uddin, ...
Symmetry 15 (3), 778, 2023
A Novel SIR Approach to Closeness Coefficient‐Based MAGDM Problems Using Pythagorean Fuzzy Aczel–Alsina Aggregation Operators for Investment Policy
I Ul Haq, T Shaheen, W Ali, T Senapati
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society 2022 (1), 5172679, 2022
Multiple attribute decision-making based on bonferroni mean operators under square root fuzzy set environment
S Radenovic, W Ali, T Shaheen, IU Haq, F Akram, H Toor
Journal of Computational and Cognitive Engineering 2 (3), 236-248, 2023
Novel Fermatean Fuzzy Aczel–Alsina Model for Investment Strategy Selection
IU Haq, T Shaheen, W Ali, H Toor, T Senapati, F Pilla, S Moslem
Mathematics 11 (14), 3211, 2023
Selection of investment policy using a novel three-way group decision model under intuitionistic hesitant fuzzy sets
W Ali, T Shaheen, HG Toor, F Akram, MZ Uddin, MM Hassan
Applied Sciences 13 (7), 4416, 2023
Aczel-Alsina-based aggregation operators for intuitionistic hesitant fuzzy set environment and their application to multiple attribute decision-making process
W Ali, T Shaheen, IU Haq, H Toor, F Akram, H Garg, MZ Uddin, ...
AIMS Math 8 (8), 18021-18039, 2023
Graded soft expert set as a generalization of hesitant fuzzy set
A Qayyum, T Shaheen
Journal of Intelligent Systems 29 (1), 223-236, 2019
A Novel Interval-Valued Decision Theoretic Rough Set Model with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers Based on Power Aggregation Operators and Their Application in Medical Diagnosis
W Ali, T Shaheen, IU Haq, HG Toor, T Alballa, HAEW Khalifa
Mathematics 11 (19), 4153, 2023
An Innovative Decision Model Utilizing Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Aczel-Alsina Aggregation Operators and Its Application
W Ali, T Shaheen, HG Toor, F Akram, MZ Uddin, MM Hassan
Mathematics 11 (12), 2768, 2023
Graphical partitions and graphical relations
T Shaheen, JG Stell
Fundamenta Informaticae 165 (1), 75-98, 2019
An Improved Algorithm for Identification of Dominating Vertex Set in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs
N Nazir, T Shaheen, LS Jin, T Senapati
Axioms 12 (3), 289, 2023
An Improved Intuitionistic Fuzzy Decision-Theoretic Rough Set Model and Its Application
W Ali, T Shaheen, HG Toor, T Alballa, A Alburaikan, HAEW Khalifa
Axioms 12 (11), 1003, 2023
A Novel Generalization of Q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Aczel Alsina Aggregation Operators and Their Application in Wireless Sensor Networks
W Ali, T Shaheen, IU Haq, T Alballa, A Alburaikan, HA El-Wahed Khalifa
Sensors 23 (19), 8105, 2023
Incomplete Dominance-based Intuitionistic Fuzzy Rough Sets and their Application in Estimation of Inflation Rates in the Least Developed Countries
IU Haq, T Shaheen, H Toor, T Senapati, S Moslem
IEEE Access, 2023
An Innovative Approach on Yao’s Three-Way Decision Model Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets for Medical Diagnosis
W Ali, T Shaheen, IU Haq, F Smarandache, HG Toor, F Asif
Neutrosophic Systems with Applications 18, 1-13, 2024
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