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Haitham Afan
Haitham Afan
Upper Euphrates developing center, university of Anbar, Iraq
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Trích dẫn bởi
Artificial intelligence based models for stream-flow forecasting: 2000–2015
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Machine learning methods for better water quality prediction
AN Ahmed, FB Othman, HA Afan, RK Ibrahim, CM Fai, MS Hossain, ...
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Application of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in water quality index prediction: a case study in tropical region, Malaysia
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Experimental and numerical analysis for earth-fill dam seepage
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Improving the Muskingum flood routing method using a hybrid of particle swarm optimization and bat algorithm
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Heavy metal monitoring, analysis and prediction in lakes and rivers: state of the art
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PLoS One 14 (5), e0217634, 2019
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