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Sushil Kumar Himanshu
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Trích dẫn bởi
Physically based soil erosion and sediment yield models revisited
A Pandey, SK Himanshu, SK Mishra, VP Singh
Catena 147, 595-620, 2016
Evaluation of best management practices for sediment and nutrient loss control using SWAT model
SK Himanshu, A Pandey, B Yadav, A Gupta
Soil and Tillage Research 192, 42-58, 2019
Ensemble modelling framework for groundwater level prediction in urban areas of India
B Yadav, PK Gupta, N Patidar, SK Himanshu
Science of the Total Environment 712, 135539, 2020
Evaluation of the SWAT model for water balance study of a mountainous snowfed river basin of Nepal
B Dhami, SK Himanshu, A Pandey, AK Gautam
Environmental Earth Sciences 77, 1-20, 2018
Application of SWAT in an Indian river basin for modeling runoff, sediment and water balance
SK Himanshu, A Pandey, P Shrestha
Environmental Earth Sciences 76, 1-18, 2017
Assessing the applicability of TMPA-3B42V7 precipitation dataset in wavelet-support vector machine approach for suspended sediment load prediction
SK Himanshu, A Pandey, B Yadav
Journal of Hydrology 550, 103-117, 2017
Discharge Characteristics of Sharp Crested Weir of Curved Plan-form
S Kumar, Z Ahmad, T Mansoor, SK Himanshu
Research Journal of Engineering Sciences …, 2012
Evaluation of crop-growth-stage-based deficit irrigation strategies for cotton production in the Southern High Plains
SK Himanshu, S Ale, J Bordovsky, M Darapuneni
Agricultural water management 225, 105782, 2019
Hydrologic evaluation of the TMPA-3B42V7 precipitation data set over an agricultural watershed using the SWAT model
SK Himanshu, A Pandey, A Patil
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 23 (4), 05018003, 2018
Evaluation of the SWAT model for analysing the water balance components for the upper Sabarmati Basin
A Gupta, SK Himanshu, S Gupta, R Singh
Advances in water resources engineering and management: select proceedings …, 2019
Simulated efficient growth-stage-based deficit irrigation strategies for maximizing cotton yield, crop water productivity and net returns
SK Himanshu, Y Fan, S Ale, J Bordovsky
Agricultural Water Management 250, 106840, 2021
A New Approach to Analyze the Flow over Sharp Crested Curved Plan form Weirs
S Kumar, Z Ahmad, T Mansoor, SK Himanshu
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) 2 (1), 2013
Effect of global warming on mankind-a review
S Kumar, SK Himanshu, KK Gupta
Int Res J Environ Sci 1 (4), 56-59, 2012
Ensemble wavelet-support vector machine approach for prediction of suspended sediment load using hydrometeorological data
SK Himanshu, A Pandey, B Yadav
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 22 (7), 05017006, 2017
Response of Broccolli to Irrigation Scheduling and Methods under Drip, Sprinkler and Surface Irrigation
SK Himanshu, AK Singh, S Kumar, P Kalura
Standardized precipitation index‐based approach to predict environmental flow condition
K Amrit, SK Mishra, RP Pandey, SK Himanshu, S Singh
Ecohydrology 12 (7), e2127, 2019
Monitoring of Drought using Satellite Data
SK Himanshu, G Singh, N Kharola
Effects of Lateral Spacing and Irrigation Scheduling on Drip Irrigated Cabbage (Brassica Oleracea) in a Semi Arid Region of India
SK Himanshu, S Kumar, D Kumar, A Mokhtar
Research Journal of Engineering Sciences …, 2012
Determining optimum irrigation termination periods for cotton production in the Texas High Plains
S Ale, N Omani, SK Himanshu, JP Bordovsky, KR Thorp, EM Barnes
Transactions of the ASABE 63 (1), 105-115, 2020
Assessing the impacts of irrigation termination periods on cotton productivity under strategic deficit irrigation regimes
SK Himanshu, S Ale, JP Bordovsky, JJ Kim, S Samanta, N Omani, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 20102, 2021
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